Now for a story you’ll see on just one gestation.

Pierce Brosnan’s reputation as a fertility doctor is being called into question. Not by me. By Hulu!

Pierce Brosnan (as Dr. Hindle): “So, you two need a little help.”

In “False Positive,” Ilana Glazer is over the moon now that she is finally pregnant.

But her baby high doesn’t last long, since she’s not so sure about Pierce Brosnan.

He’s the fertility doctor who made her pregnancy wish come true.

Ilana Glazer (as Lucy): “A little crazy. I’m… I’m seeing things.”

Sophia Bush (as Corgan): “Honey, me too. I’m having the wildest Mommy Brain lately.”

Ilana Glazer (as Lucy): “I don’t… I don’t think it’s Mommy Brain. I think Dr. Hindle did… something.”

Ilana co-wrote the film and says don’t place it in one genre box.

Ilana Glazer: “From thriller to a little satire to a little camp. But I feel it is definitely a horror movie because it reflects the horrors of the system that we live in.”

Ilana Glazer (as Lucy): “I think they’re… in on it.”

Sophia Bush (as Corgan): “In on what?”

Ilana knows what you know: Pierce is up to no good, so she starts digging into his past.

Pierce Brosnan (as Dr. Hindle): “There’s a lot of voodoo out there. We just want to make sure that you get the best possible care.”

She’s also smart enough to get help when she needs it.

Zainab Jah (as Grace Singleton): “Confront whatever it is that’s blocking you… from you.”

Zainab Jah: “There’s a certain desperation that I feel women have when they’re in that place of wanting so badly to have a child.”

Ilana Glazer (as Lucy): “I’m not crazy. They’re trying to make me think I’m crazy.”

Sophia Bush (as Corgan) “Hey, this pregnancy [bleeped] is no joke, right?”

Ilana Glazer (as Lucy): “Yeah.”

Sophia Bush (as Corgan): “I mean, it’s really scary.”

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