III Points returning this year is music to our ears. The major music festival features a lot of great local talent. Oh, and I know Alex wrote this because it says “speaking of great local talent, here’s Alex Miranda.”

The Strokes and Wu Tang Clan are among the headliners for III Points, but like you said, this is an amazing showcase for SoFlo bands and musicians. We harmonized with two of the acts excited to perform in Wynwood next month.

You’re listening to the sweet sounds of Miami’s own, Bed Scene.

The name isn’t anything naughty like you might think.

Nick Aponte, Bed Scene: “Bed Scene just comes from me writing songs in my room and producing beats in my room.”

The band is Nick Aponte on guitar and lead vocals, Andrew Burt on keyboards, Danny Portal on drums and Michelle Reinkopf on backing vocals and bass.

Bed Scene has a very eclectic sound. Think rock with a bit of a psychedelic ’80s vibe.

Michelle Reinkopf, Bed Scene: “We are a dream, synth rock band. That stands out in and of itself.”

The group was just hitting its stride before COVID hit, but they stayed busy during lockdown.

Danny Portal, Bed Scene: “We knew that when things were gonna come back, we didn’t want to be left behind with nothing to offer.”

And they’re about to offer a performance at Miami’s III Points Music Festival.

The major event in October has a stacked lineup featuring The Strokes and Wu Tang Clan with Bed Scene included.

Nick Aponte: “This is huge.”

Andrew Burt, Bed Scene: “We’re focused, and we’re really excited to play that festival.”

Hell yeah! Musician, DJ and producer Richie Hell will also be performing at III Points.

Richie Hell: “My sound is super eclectic. I’m a record collector, so I’m always traveling and gaining different things from other cultures, trying to reinvent and make a cocktail out of it.”

Richie uses visuals with his music for a really cool immersive experience.

The artwork is all from his wife and collaborator Francisca.

Richie Hell: “All this imagery takes you to another place, so you are in another dimension.”

This will be Richie’s third III Points set.

Richie Hell: “Expect the unexpected. I like people to be curious. I don’t want to explain to them what style I play because I don’t even know what style it is. I think it’s something new.”

And that’s one of the special things about III Points.

Richie Hell: “It’s the only festival that really includes local artists at the same level as bigger acts.”

III Points goes down Oct. 22 and Oct. 23 at the Mana Wynwood Convention Center.


III Points

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