She’s the voice behind Princess Elsa in “Frozen,” but Idina Menzel’s career is red hot. And she’s talking about her new album and taking on a role Bette Midler made famous.

Tony-award winner Idina Menzel just released a new self-titled album. It’s full of personal songs that reflect the past couple of years of Idina’s life.

Idina Menzel: “It’s been kind of a very, I guess turbulent dynamic couple of years. I had the juxtaposition of my personal life going through a divorce and all of the sadness and guilt and regret that comes with all of that.”

But the record isn’t a downer — the songs are filled with strength and hope.

Idina Menzel: “I wish I’d write these horribly dark, sad tortured songs, but it just comes out of me. There’s one or two in there, you know, and there are songs about new love.”

Of course Idina is most well known for “Let It Go” from “Frozen.”

She’ll be back in the sequel as the voice of Elsa.

Idina will also star in the TV remake of “Beaches,” in the role Bette Midler originated.

Idina Menzel: “I realized there’s a whole young generation of people who have never even heard of ‘Beaches,’ and going back and watching the movie, it’s really cool to see this relationship between these two women and it’s not often we have these projects that are just about friendship.”

So has she heard from the divine Miss M?

Idina Menzel: “No, she was kind enough to tweet her blessing and that’s good enough for me.”

For someone known for playing an ice queen, Idina’s career is definitely on fire.

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