Iconic leg lamp lights up for FOX’s ‘A Christmas Story Live’

Tongues stuck to poles. Boys dressed in bunny suits. The Red Ryder Action Rifle that’ll shoot your eye out! They’re all part of the iconic movie “A Christmas Story.” Now the stars of the remake are giving us an early present — a big red carpet party.

This leg is lit!

The famous leg lamp from “A Christmas Story” lights up in honor of the original movie at the red carpet party for the cast of FOX’s live remake.

Tyler Wladis: “Because I’ve never done something like this before.”

And while we all love the original —

Ian Petrella (as Randy Parker): “He looks like a deranged Easter bunny.”

Andy Walken: “I think the most exciting thing is doing all the scenes that are so iconic.”

“A Christmas Story Live,” which airs on FOX, will include something new — a musical and two black actors.

Sacha Carlson: “We’ve added music, and we’ve added dancing into it.”

J.J. Batteast: “The only African American principle — it’s like really big, and I just have to show everyone that I can be as great as the original person.”

Maya Rudolph: “It feels good to be asked to be in something because they like me. They like me. They really like me.”

You’ll also see familiar faces, but in a totally different role.

Jane Krakowski: “No matter how much experience you’ve had, this is its own entity and a very different thing.”

So with less than three weeks until the big live production, the lamp is lighting up and the snow is falling down, all to get us in the Christmas spirit.

And you can catch the new Christmas crew on Sunday, Dec. 17, right here on 7.

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