I Heart Mac and Cheese

Deco Drive has been accused of being cheesy, but never more than today. We found a spot that has a favorite childhood food, but with a grown-up twist. Grab a fork.

When it comes to food, the cheesier the better! And it might not get any better than I Heart Mac and Cheese in Fort Lauderdale.

Michael Blum, I Heart Mac and Cheese: "I Heart Mac and Cheese is giving everyone the choice to feel like a kid again."

It’s like a salad bar for macaroni and cheese. You pick the pasta, they top it with their signature cheese sauce, and away you go.

Michael Blum: "We have 14 cheese, 16 toppings. We have nine different proteins."

From olives to oranges, for a little extra, you can add anything you like.

Michael Blum: "You can come in and create a million and a half mac and cheeses."

Or go for a signature mac.

Michael Blum: "We have the lobster mac and cheese. We have a Cuban sandwich mac and cheese with bacon, ham and pulled pork that’s marinated in mojo. We also have bacon cheeseburger mac. We do a Philly cheesesteak with pulled short rib, and we have an incredible Buffalo chicken mac."

Once your mac is made, it’s heated so it’s beautiful and bubbly. Then they top it.

Michael Blum: "Instead of doing a Panko topping, what we decided to do it is take your childhood favorites."

From flavored salts to Funyuns, this tops off a great meal.

Michael Blum: "On our lobster mac and cheese, we have cheddar cheese Goldfish. One of my favorites is the Buffalo chicken with Fiery Cheetos on top."

Doug Pennington: "Amazing, very cheesy, and exactly what it says. They have great concepts."

I Heart Mac and Cheese also hearts drinks and desserts. The cookie dough in a cone is egg-free and safe to eat.

Michael Blum: "It’s like an ice cream cone that doesn’t melt."

And coffee, ice tea and lemonade have all been made into ice cubes so your drink will never get watered down.

Michael Blum: "Drinks never get diluted, so you get the full power of the beverage through and through."

The fun toppings can go on anything from salads to potato crisps, but here, it’s really about a cheesy mac attack.

I Heart Mac and Cheese
1489 SE 17th St., Suite A
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316
(954) 533-4195