‘I Feel Pretty’ star Amy Schumer gives tips on confidence

We couldn’t find my inner beauty with a map and a medical procedure. Not Amy Schumer — she’s turning her confidence into a new comedy. For more on the story, here’s Deco’s expert on insecurity and inadequacy — Chris Van Vliet.

What if you could wake up and instantly be the person you’ve always wanted to be? That’s what happens to Amy Schumer in her new movie “I Feel Pretty.” I spent the afternoon with her on Miami Beach.

Amy Schumer (as Renee Barrett): “Oh my God, do you see this? I’m beautiful!”

Amy Schumer plays a woman who is insecure about her looks in “I Feel Pretty.” But after hitting her head during a SoulCycle class, she sees herself completely differently. We hung out with Amy and her co-star Rory Scovel on Miami Beach.

Amy Schumer: “We were supposed to leave right after this, but we refused, and so we’re staying another night, so thank you for having us.”

Chris Van Vliet: “We’ll all hang out tonight.”

Amy Schumer: “We’ll go out. Let’s do it.”

Amy Schumer (as Renee Barrett): “I know you don’t recognize me. You guys, it’s me, Renee.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Amy, your character has this very specific moment in the movie where she gets that extra boost of confidence. Do you have a moment in your life or your career where you really came out of your shell?”

Amy Schumer: “I think it’s a constant battle and constant journey to feel good about yourself. In my career, actually, being a producer or director on set has given me real confidence.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Rory, your character talks about how sometimes people miss what makes them awesome. What is awesome about the person sitting next to you?”

Rory Scovel: “I don’t really know that it’s one word. I mean, successful is obvious.”

Amy Schumer: “Let’s get to more of like what’s so great about me. That’s the question, isn’t it?”

Rory Scovel: “To sum it up, I would say talented, for obvious reasons.”

Amy Schumer: “What if you got four words? Like four or five words.”

Rory Scovel: “I would say generous because I get to sit here and also talk about the movie.”

Chris Van Vliet: “But Amy, what’s awesome about Rory?”

Amy Schumer: “I’m sorry, I don’t feel comfortable answering that.”

Chris Van Vliet: “That was a tough question.”

Even though Amy’s character doesn’t look any different, she’s now oozing with confidence, and it spills over into every aspect of her life.

Chris Van Vliet: “What can someone do in an instant to make themselves feel more confident?”

Amy Schumer: “For me, it’s something as simple as putting on deodorant. Literally like something that’s nice for just you. I guess deodorant’s more for other people.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Deodorant’s for everyone.”

Amy Schumer: “But I think just looking at yourself in the mirror and smiling.”

“I Feel Pretty” struts into theaters on April 20 — and guys, by the way, I put deodorant on today. Yeah, feeling pretty good about that.

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