I may not be the best singer in the world, but I can lip-sync like a pro.

You’re not alone. Fox’s “I Can See Your Voice” returns for season two tomorrow, and panelist Cheryl Hines is telling Deco how figuring out who can and can’t sing can win contestants really big bucks.

Sing your heart out! Fox’s “I Can See Your Voice” is ready for season two.

Ken Jeong is back as the host with the most, and so is Cheryl Hines, who’s hoping for better luck at guessing the good singers from the bad singers, before they actually sing for real.

Cheryl Hines (it’s a guessing game): “This is the problem. Every time I think I’ve got it, it doesn’t always turn out the way I think it’s going to turn out.”

Cheryl says sometimes she gets too into the show, even in her downtime.

Cheryl Hines: “I do like to watch people sing, you know, and I like to, you know, my daughter singing in the car next to me while watching her to see what she’s doing, and she’s like, ‘Please stop looking at me.'”

And there’s something new happening this season.

Cheryl Hines: “We have a golden mic. A contestant has a chance to call on a golden mic, and then magically a celebrity appears and tells our contestant what they think about if the person that they’re watching can sing, if they’re good singers or bad singers. Also, we’ve raised the stakes a little this year, so instead of being able to win $10,000 every round, they can now win $15,000.”

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