A new spa treatment uses the power of water to soothe your body and relax your mind. Deco paid a visit to Eména Spa and found out how they’re going with the flow.

Nothing relaxes like a swim in the ocean. Now you can let that feeling wash over you — without the sun and the sand.

Eména Spa at Hyde Beach in Hallandale is an ocean of calm. A new treatment promises to wash your stress away.

Christina Tardi, Eména Spa: “The Okeanos treatment is an amazing hydrotherapy treatment. What makes it special is that it is done ocean front.”

The treatment uses water jets and massage for a totally unique experience.

Christina Tardi: “It’s like a stream of water id massaging you, so it’s a combination of manual massage and also hydrotherapy massage.”

The experience starts with a deep scrub.

Christina Tardi: “She starts off by slowly gently exfoliating your body with the green tea scrub. During the rinse-off process, she also gently massages you.”

After you’re loose and limber, it’s time to moisturize.

Christina Tardi: “After that, we apply an amazing coconut body lotion.”

Then it’s more water and more massage. Yes, please.

Christina Tardi: “‘Okeanos’ means ‘river body of water’ in Greek. You feel like it’s almost a river of water massaging your body.”

And with a view like this, what’s not to love?

Guest: “The whole treatment is amazing, it’s super relaxing, and then to have this beautiful bright blue water as the backdrop is just the cherry on top of the ice cream.”

Christina Tardi: “Most spas are beautiful, but they’re usually in the basement of a beautiful resort. This is a beautiful resort, but they’ve actually dedicated high-floor oceanfront square footage to the spa.”

For $275, you’ll get 80 minutes of bliss. Sounds like the perfect spot for a little me time.

Christina Tardi: “‘Eména’ means ‘me’ in Greek. It symbolizes massage treatments and therapy and all of these body treatments. It’s about me, meaning self-care, taking care of yourself. ”

Eména Spa
Hyde Resort & Residences
4111 S Ocean Drive
Hollywood, FL 33019

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