These days, if it’s not a sequel, it’s a reboot, and “Reboot” is a new comedy on Hulu. Basically, it’s a real show about rebooting a fictional show!

Hulu’s “Reboot” is a show about a show called “Step Right Up” that gets revived for a streaming service and reunites the show’s old cast, who weren’t as put together as the TV screens made it seem.

The real life cast had a few challenges, like playing more than one character.

For Keegan Michael Keys, he had to balance playing Reed, who plays Lawrence.

Keegan-Michael Key: “It was a challenge sometimes, and you look at your call sheet, and there’s your name, the time you’re supposed to get to work and then it’s like: your name, your character’s name, then your character’s character’s name. Sometimes I’d have to jump back and forth a little bit.”

Calum Worthy, who plays Zack, having two characters let him explore a new level of acting.

Calum Worthy: “The fun thing about creating Cody was it wasn’t the kind of character I would want to create. Who does Zack want to create? It was creating a character from the mind of another character.”

For funny man Johnny Knoxville, who plays Clay, he was happy to catch a bit of a break from crazy antics.

Johnny Knoxville: “Well, I wasn’t attacked by a bull, I wasn’t shot out of a cannon. I never had to worry about my wellbeing.”

Judy Greer’s character, Bree, learned some new things too, like how to use social media. As for what she taught the younger cast members…

Judy Greer: “I always like to talk to young actors about finances. Haha! I’m always like, ‘Are you taking care of your money? Are you saving your money?”

For Rachel Bloom and Paul Reiser, getting into their characters was pretty easy considering they’re both writers and their roles were also writers!

Paul Reiser: “Rachel and I both run our own shows, and to be on a show where it looks like you’re running it but it’s not really your problem and you’re just the idiot actors was great fun!”

Rachel Bloom: “I would never find myself confused. I think, what better way to get into character in making a TV show, than making a TV show.”

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