Yoga is all about quiet mindfulness and getting in touch with your inner self, and we can tell just by looking at you, that your inner self is going to love Hula Hoop Yoga.

When you think yoga, one thing usually what comes to mind, but if you’re looking for a little fun, hoop there it is!

Casandra Tanenbaum, Hula Hoop Yoga: “It’s not about the hula hoop on the waist, which is what we normally think about. We’re moving hoops all around our body.”

Hula Hoop Yoga combines yoga and hoop dancing. Deco stopped by Banyan House in Dania Beach to get the scoop on the hoop.

Casandra Tanenbaum: “I love being able to warm up and use a prop to support me in some asana postures. Beyond that, the sky’s the limit.”

And the benefits go beyond your hips.

Casandra Tanenbaum: “Flexibility, engagement, activating the sense of touch, which in Western culture we often lose.”

Guest: “I love hoop dance. Hoop dancing’s awesome.”

Guest No. 2: “It’s fun. It’s playful. It’s really easy. Felt like just hanging out!”

Hoop Yoga will be just one of the classes at the Fort Lauderdale Yoga Expo taking place this weekend!

Arianne Traverso, Fort Lauderdale Yoga Expo: “It’s a day where you can come and experience every single type of yoga. You connect with other people. There’s also an amazing marketplace where we love to feature local vendors.”

So if you’re ready to stretch your mind and body, let the hoop make you happy.

Casandra Tanenbaum: “Fun is a critical element in life and may there be more of it!”

The Yoga Expo takes place at the Broward County Convention Center in Fort Lauderdale on Saturday, Jan. 11.


Banyan House
Hula Hoop Yoga
1950 Eisenhower Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33316

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