‘House of Cards’ musical performance at Adrienne Arsht Center

The sights and sounds of a presidential drama series filled the air at Adrienne Arsht Center. The audience was treated to a performance like never before. And let’s just say the timing was pretty ironic.

That’s “House of Cards” like you’ve never seen or heard before.

Kevin Spacey (as Francis Underwood): “I can see you, and I can use what I see to rig this election.”

The Netflix political drama was on center stage — coincidentally — the night before President Trump’s inauguration.

Conducting students from University of Miami’s Frost School of Music was the man who composed the music for House of Cards — Jeff Beal.

While his music played, scenes from Kevin Spacey’s hit show played behind them.

Jeff Beal: “This is something that I dreamed of years ago. I just had the idea to create a concert experience that represented the music from the show and presented the show in a different way.”

And each scene that played on the big screen was very deliberately selected to be in sync with the music the audience was hearing.

Jeff Beal: “There’s montages built around a character, around an idea and maybe a scene. ‘House of Cards’ is this wonderful blend of sinister and romantic, and occasionally diabolical, and it’s also operatic at times.”

It’s only the second time this type of performance has happened. And the exciting part for this Hollywood musician is the different type of concert experience he’s giving the audience.

Jeff Beal: “I think it’s fun because there’s times in which the music can really be driving it, and then there’s other times when your eyes really go the screen and you’ll be in the scene.”

The concert was the kickoff event for Festival Miami, which is now in its 33rd year.

Patricia San Pedro: “Festival Miami has more than 20 concerts over a three-week period, and it’s unique because all these concerts are indoor, in an intimate setting of the University of Miami’s Gusman Hall.”

Throughout the three weeks, the event will offer the sounds of music from all different genres. But the high note was the inaugural performance that filled the Adrienne Arsht Center with the sights and sounds of the political drama.


“House of Cards” in Concert

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