Hot pot cooking at Hot Mama Kitchen

Calling all cooks and wannabe cooks! There’s a new restaurant where you can get the food exactly how you want it prepared. How do you know it will be cooked perfectly? Because you’re the one cooking it!

The restaurant scene in North Miami Beach is heating up, thanks to Hot Mama Kitchen.

Victor Fiallos, Hot Mama Kitchen: “Hot Mama Kitchen is a traditional Asian cuisine where you have your own broth and you add the ingredients and everything cooks in front of you.”

It’s called hot pot cooking. Proteins, veggies and starches cook in flavored broth.

Victor Fiallos: “Hot Mama Kitchen is this concept we have that started thousands of years ago in China.”

From chicken, to pork, to the Hot Mama signature, the eight different broths are made daily.

Victor Fiallos: “We cook them in large, large pots like they did in traditional times.”

Once you pick your broth, then it’s about what goes in it.

Victor Fiallos: “You don’t share the broths, but you share the items.”

Chicken, clams or noodles — there’s something for everyone.

Victor Fiallos: “We have lamb, we have pork belly, we have lobster — 120 options and growing.”

There are dumplings, veggies and crabs fresh from the sea.

Victor Fiallos: “Before they get served, we cut them in half so by the time it comes, it’s tasty.”

And for the more adventurous eater…

Victor Fiallos: “The unique part of the menu are called ‘odd ventures.’ You have an adventure with odd items.”

Try the tripe, the frog’s legs, beef liver, or even beef aorta. There’s even Spam on the “odd ventures” menu.

Gio Joseph: “It’s a really cool experience to do. The food is really amazing. I had the frog leg, I had the liver. The liver is really good, surprisingly.”

Load up your table, then get to cooking.

Victor Fiallos: “Everyone has their own personal burner.”

Turns out — it’s not complicated.

Victor Fiallos: “Protein is the one of the easiest things to cook because they change color, so they dictate when they are ready.”

The broth spices up what’s cooking in it, and the ingredients add flavor to the broth.

Victor Fiallos: “Once you take the protein out and once you are done with the starches, the soup is going to change completely, and that is the last part of the process. You can enjoy the soup.”

At Hot Mama, you make it, you eat it — but they do the dishes.


Hot Mama Kitchen
3207 NE 163rd St.
North Miami Beach, FL 33160
(954) 298-5040

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