Hooters serves up new 2018 calendar

Hooters serves up meaty wings, cold beer and orange short shorts all over the U.S. Now, the Hooters girls are turning up the heat with a new calendar. Deco’s man of the year Chris Van Vliet has the story.

Hooters girls are, of course, known for their personalities … and they’re also known for their calendar.

We got a preview of what 2018 is going to look like, and I can tell you, it looks like a very good year.

Hooters is the place for hot wings and cold beer, but next week, you’ll be able to pick up something else at your local restaurant — the Hooters 2018 calendar.

Doug Vollmer, chief photographer: “The Hooters calendar will be on sale October 1 this year, any Hooters worldwide.”

Doug Vollmer: “When the final product comes out, there’s over 200 Hooters girls from around the world in the Hooters calendar for 2018.”

Deco went behind the scenes for the calendar shoot on Fort Lauderdale Beach.

It’s just one of dozens of locations here in the U.S. and around the world.

Doug Vollmer: “We just came back from Bimini yesterday. We had eight girls over there shooting.”

And deciding who’s going to make the cut can be tough.

Doug Vollmer: “There’s like 5,000 girls that send in photos for consideration. So that’s kind of tedious going through them, fun tedious.”

Of course being a Hooters girl is hard work too.

They have to avoid temptation and try on a lot of bikinis.

Jessica, Hooters calendar girl: “There is a lot of temptation, especially when everybody’s eating it around you, and you’re always dropping off the food. It smells so good.”

Jordan, Hooters calendar girl: “I have about a hundred swimsuites, so narrowing it down is a little hard, but I bring as many as I can, and I just look to the photographer for which one he wants for which shoot.”

The calendar features girls from all over the world, but our insider tells us South Florida will not be left out.

Doug Vollmer: “I think Hooters of South Florida will be well represented … very well represented.”

And there’s a good cause behind all this — one dollar from every calendar sold goes to support breast cancer research.

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