Hollywood prepares for the Academy Awards

For Hollywood, the Academy Awards are about honoring art and shining a light on the best at their craft. But get serious — it’s about winning, which is really what the stars care about.

Jimmy Kimmel: “Five million… 429 thousand… 312. Five million… Oh hi, I’m Jimmy Kimmel, and I’m already counting down the seconds until I host the Oscars.”

Host Jimmy Kimmel’s countdown is almost over.

We’re so close to finding out who wins best picture!

And the, like, 800 other Oscars.

Will it be front-runners “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” or “The Shape of Water?”

Or could it be one of the other seven nominees?

Grae Drake from Rotten Tomatoes tells Deco — Nah, probably not.

Grae Drake: “‘Three Billboards’ has really built up a lot of favoritism.”

Grae Drake: “‘The Shape of Water,’ going into it, it still has a lot of muscle. It has a lot of fish man and love muscle, and I am so weirdly into it.”

This is a judgment-free zone.

On the other hand, IMDb’s Dave Karger thinks we could be in for a surprise.

Dave Karger: “Best picture will probably go to ‘Three Billboards,’ although I am not counting out a ‘Get Out’ shocking upset.”

Now you just know someone is going to be played off early during their acceptance speech.

So it’s all about which celeb reacts the best to it.

Grae Drake: “Frances McDormand, hahaha!”

She’s a heavy favorite to win best actress.

Dave Karger: “I think her speech is definitely going to be the least predictable, and you just don’t know like what the [expletive] is going to come out of her mouth.”

Go get ’em, Frances!

Something that’s also inevitable…

Jimmy Kimmel: “This is Meryl’s 20th Oscar nomination … made even more amazing considering the fact that she wasn’t even in a movie this year.”

At least one joke about Meryl Streep’s nominations.

The number is now 21, thanks to her role in “The Post.”

Grae Drake: “She and Tom Hanks and Denzel, all of these people, it’s like just give them all the awards.”

The set inside L.A.’s Dolby Theatre will be blinged out and will change colors throughout the evening.

Stars like Armie Hammer are getting Oscar ready…

As are Danny DeVito and best supporting actor nominee Sam Rockwell, showing off… whatever it is that they’re doing.

And Wolfgang Puck is cooking up a storm again to serve a post-ceremony feast.

Wolfgang Puck: “As long as the Oscars is not tired of me, I’m not tired of the Oscars.”

What we’re trying to say is the Academy Awards have already begun to take over Hollywood.

Dave Karger: “The Oscars are one thing in and of itself, and the telecast is huge, but it’s a real industry amongst the whole L.A. community.”

The Academy Awards notoriously run long.

Dave Karger told us they’ll probably go into overtime again this year.

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