In an East Coast-West Coast battle of the Hollywoods, Tinsel Town doesn’t hold a candle to South Florida.

Set the GPS for Broward, Deco’s Alex Miranda is checking out Hollywood.

Behind the Margaritaville Beach Resort…

Joanie Bowden: “Even when the ocean is flat, there’s always a wave on the Flow Rider.”

This surfing simulator isn’t for the faint of… feet.

Noah Vasquez: “You might fall, but at the end of the day it’s just water.”

And, pro tip:

Joanie Bowden: “A couple of margaritas and then you hit that Flow Rider, you’re going to bounce a little easier.”

OK, I’ll do it.

Noah Vasquez: “Alright, you ready?”

Alex Miranda: “No, I’m not! Fine, fine, I am!”

Here goes…!

Alex Miranda: “Oh, my God! Hahaha! What?!”


Alex Miranda: “I haven’t fallen yet! Ahh!”

Hey, 37 whole seconds!

Alex Miranda: “I’m actually really impressed! I thought I was going to fall down in 10 seconds.”

The Flow Rider is open to the public all week, starting at just $10!

Alex Miranda: “This boogie board seems a little bit more… beginner, so I’m going to try that. Looks pretty easy and looks fun.”

Hurray for Hollywood Hot Glass.

Brenna Baker: “Hollywood Hot Glass is a glass blowing studio in the center of downtown Hollywood, Florida. Where we offer a lot of interactive classes.”

Glass isn’t the only thing blowing up around Young Circle.

Brenna Baker: “It’s so much fun. Everyone loves blowing glass and you can always have a piece to remember your experience, too. And Hollywood, Florida is amazing too. With so many great restaurants around here and with the arts community here, it’s just something to check out.”

In under an hour you make a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Brenna Baker: “We have these workshops where anyone can come in with no experience and make a piece of beautiful glass.”

Come as a couple, or on your own. This place will spark your creative side.

Grace Schindler: “People should come to Hollywood Hot Glass to do something different.”

If you’re hanging out in Hollywood, near 20th Avenue, dip into The Bang Shack!

Jason Hadley: “The Bang Shack is a place where I make my world-famous chicken bang dip, vegan bang dip and vegetarian bang dip.”

A creamy concoction of flavors are melted into ooey-gooey goodness.

Jason Hadley: “It’s just scrumdeliciousness.”

This stuff goes with everything! If you can eat it, they’re putting bang dip on it!

Jason Hadley: “I put it on a bang burrito, I put it on an all-beef hot dog, I put it on chips. Bang nachos.”

Riley Hilbert: “The food here is really cool though because you can put it on anything and it tastes good.”

When it came to setting up shop permanently, Hollywood was a banging idea.

Jason Hadley: “The love and support I found here I found nowhere else, so I knew it was going to be Hollywood.”

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