Holiday Bliss Package at Spa Atlantic

Stressing out about looking good for all those holiday parties you’re getting invited to? Deco viewers know that looking your best starts with feeling your best — and we’ve got your sanctuary that will work some holiday magic.

If you’re looking for some holiday heaven, Spa Atlantic in Fort Lauderdale is your wonderland.

Jasmine Muniz, Spa Atlantic: “We’ve customized treatments for everyone to leave them in pure holiday bliss.”

Jasmine Muniz
Jasmine Muniz

They’ll have you feeling jolly, thanks to their ingredient of choice.

Jasmine Muniz: “We’re focusing on cranberries this year.”

The fruit is a well-known antioxidant that works miracles.


Jasmine Muniz: “It purifies the skin as well as detoxifies it.”

First, give yourself this gift: 75 minutes of anti-aging for your mind and body, better known as the Chocolate Covered Cranberry Treatment.


Jasmine Muniz: “The treatment begins with a dry buff exfoliation, then you are covered in a chocolate cranberry mask, followed by a full body massage, and we use a cranberry buttercream.”

Sounds delicious. Next is the cranberry cosmo facial.

Jasmine Muniz: “A 50-minute treatment to purify and balance the skin.”

The beauty of it?

Jasmine Muniz: “To soothe the skin from any breakouts that the stressful holidays bring out.”


Last but not least, since your feet do most of the legwork during the holiday season, show them some love and pamper yourself with the “Mistle Toe.”

Jasmine Muniz: “A luxurious pedicure where we’re using a cranberry parafin that’s gonna soothe those achy mistle toes.”

The Holiday Bliss Package starts Dec. 1 and ends in mid-January.

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