There are many famous pigs — Miss Piggy, Babe, Harvey Weinstein. Porky Pig is my favorite. Turns out we have some celebrity swine right in our own backyard. Deco is checking out a new film about the swimming pigs of the Bahamas.

Commercial: “Did you know there’s an island in the Bahamas full of swimming pigs?”

You may have seen them in commercials or even a Pitbull video.

The swimming pigs of the Bahamas have become an international sensation.

Now these paddling porkers are the subject of a new movie, “Pigs of Paradise.”

Charlie Smith, director: “‘Pigs of Paradise’ is all about the swimming pigs in Exuma. Who put them there, how did they get there and how did they learn how to swim.”

Deco hit the Savor Cinema in Fort Lauderdale for the premiere. Walking the red carpet? A real camera hog.

Charlie Smith: “Tonight, we have Petunia the Pig.”

Based on the book of the same name, “Pigs of Paradise” explores the history and the popularity of the swimming pigs living on their slice of hog heaven.

Island resident: “I don’t know why, but that’s a special breed of pig. I don’t know.”

Charlie Smith: “There’s a lot of different theories. People said that pirates put them there back in the day. They put them on these different islands, and they’d keep sailing, and they’d always have food on the way back. We interviewed all the people on the island, and we got the real story on how they got there.”

The pigs live on an island in Exuma, also home to Johnny Depp and David Copperfield.

Those guys won’t swim with you, but the pigs will.

Woman in “Pigs of Paradise”: “It was my dream to swim with the pigs.

T.R. Todd, author, “Pigs of Paradise”: “I stood on that beach and looked around and said, ‘There’s something here. There’s a story. Why are these pigs here?’ Just looking at people’s faces when they saw them, people just become elated. There’s something about it, something whimsical, something that sparks their imagination.”

“Pigs of Paradise” is hitting the international film festival circuit. There’s even talk of a Netflix deal! Talk about hogging the spotlight.

T.R. Todd: “I really don’t think we would be here today if it was an island full of chickens.”

“Pigs of Paradise”

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