It’s game on! “Space Jam: A New Legacy” is finally out tomorrow! Deco’s suiting up and balling with LeBron James and the cast. Put me in, coach, I’m ready!

LeBron James (as himself): “I need to assemble an elite team to help get my son back.”

Jeff Bergman (as Bugs Bunny): “I know what you’re looking for: a dream team.”

Come on and slam! And welcome to “Space Jam: A New Legacy!”

LeBron James (as himself): “I’m a cartoon?”

Jeff Bergman (as Bugs Bunny): “Eh, what’s up, doc?”

The Looney Tunes characters are back, and this time around, they’re hitting the court with NBA superstar LeBron James, who’s playing himself in the movie!

LeBron James: “This is very humbling for me. Being a kid from Akron, Ohio and to see me on movie posters in Los Angeles and all over the world, it’s a dream come true.”

Movie-LeBron wants his son to follow in his footsteps, but the kid isn’t into it.

Cedric Joe (as Dom James): “You never let me do what I wanna do. You never let me just do me.”

When his son gets kidnapped by an evil supercomputer played by Don Cheadle, LeBron leaps into the digital world to save him, and he can only save him by winning a big time basketball game.

It’s a lot of hoops, but Don and LeBron insist the film is about family.

Don Cheadle: “It’s about fathers and sons, and it’s about being who you have to be and who you need to be and who you wanna be and finding your voice.”

LeBron James: “This is a family movie, and I hope a lot of people this summer can grab their families, get a lot of laughs, joys with the Tunes and myself.”

And Zendaya, who voices the iconic Lola Bunny, says she totally relates to part of the plot.

Zendaya: “My parents wanted me to be a basketball player, so I know what it’s like to maybe want a different career path. It’s about pursuing your dreams and following whatever makes you truly happy and fills your heart.”

LeBron may be the king of the court in real life, but who would win in one-on-one game between him and Bugs Bunny?

Don knows…

Don Cheadle: “I’m gonna say LeBron because he’s actually a real human. Is this a trick question?!”

Sonequa Martin-Green (as Kamiyah James): “You gotta win this game.”

LeBron James (as himself): “Let’s end this.”

Zendaya (as Lola Bunny): “I got you, Bron!”

Sonequa Martin-Green (as Kamiyah James): “And get our son back.”

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