The Miami International Boat Show is right around the corner, and that means the newest boats are ready to be shown off. One company threw a luxurious soirée to unveil their newest model, and they went a little over the top. Guests got the ultimate taste of luxury.

SV Yachts has taken luxury on the high seas to a new level.

Mauricio Antonio Velez, SV Yachts: “This is the fastest luxury yacht in the world. It goes over 80 knots. It is the first of its kind.”


Eighty knots — that’s about 93 miles an hour. The Alpha made its debut at a private party on Miami Beach ahead of the boat show, and this yacht ain’t cheap.

Mauricio Antonio Velez: “This one is $882,000.”

Believe it or not, that wasn’t the only expensive thing shining at the event.

Mauricio Antonio Velez: “This is just pure gold, 24 karat gold.”

Yes, that’s a doughnut, created by New York Chef Björn De La Cruz.

Björn De La Cruz: “I was like, ‘I will cover this in gold.'”

He came to the 305 from the Big Apple to lend his golden touch to the celebration.

Chef Björn De La Cruz
Chef Björn De La Cruz

Björn De La Cruz: “It’s not like any other doughnut anyone’s ever tasted. Thirty percent of it is made of a purple yam from the Philippines. It’s called ube.”

Don’t think you can just walk up and order them from a batch. Each doughnut is made to order.

And the entire process takes about 18 hours, which means it’s hard to get your hands on one.

Björn De La Cruz: “I’m the only one that produces it. When we make this the doughnut, it kind of blows up, and then it’s very, very light. It’s crunchy on the outside, and then it’s this moist gooeyness on the inside.”

If you weren’t sold when you heard gold…

Björn De La Cruz: “The icing underneath of the gold doughnut is made with crystal. The inside is filled with an ube mousse, and inside of that is a gelée made from crystal.”

Salivating yet? To taste the gold, it will cost you $100 per doughnut.

Björn De La Cruz: “The real expense to this is really the time and then the crystal that goes into it.”

Sounds like it’s definitely is worth the benjamin.

Angela Birdman: “You take a bite, wash it down with some champagne. Perfection.”

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