Here we go again: Are these flip-flops white and gold or blue and black?

(WSVN) - Remember “The Dress” controversy that spiraled into one of the largest debates of social media history? Now, social media users are divided over the color of another article of clothing — a pair of Havaianas flip-flops posted on Twitter.

According to The Mirror, Twitter user @positivedemi posted a picture of a pair of Havaianas, Nov. 17, with a caption written in Portuguese that roughly translates to, “What color do you see?”

It may seem obvious at first, until you read hundreds of social media users’ responses and begin doubting your original answer.  (I clearly see light blue and gold, but now, I’m not sure)!

While some think the flip-flops featured in the picture are black and brown, others argue they are white and gold — and some even black and blue.

After doing a quick search on the Havaianas Brazil website, we found these. Do you think these are the same shoes?

Are we really doing this again, Internet?

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