Her Royal Household gives SoFlo high tea experience

When I was in London last month interviewing the cast of “Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again,” I experienced high tea for the very first time. It was great and very classy with our pinkies up — but it turns out, I didn’t have to go across the pond to do it. It also turns out, I didn’t have to pay for it either.

OK, so Anne Hathaway didn’t sip her tea like a royal in “The Princess Diaries.”

But you can, thanks to Her Royal Household in Surfside.

The store is like a small British invasion.

Lady B, store owner: “I really do like to collect pieces that are unique to England.”

From the flags to the royal decorations to the pillows, it’s as if you took a trip across the pond, without actually getting on a plane.

Lady B: “It’s a collection of luxury home decor pieces that I’ve created all out of the UK.”

Of course nothing screams British culture like high tea.

And that’s exactly what Lady B, as she is known, is serving up this Friday.

Lady B: “We’re hosting a quintessential British afternoon tea.”

It’s going to be as traditional as you can imagine.

Lady B: “You’ll certainly get the royal treatment, I hope, and you’ll get a very British warm welcome. We’ll be greeting you with traditional scones, with some lemon drizzle cake, with pots of tea.”


Lady B: “It wouldn’t be an afternoon tea without some very noble cucumber sandwiches.”

You can sip the brew and devour the delicacies from 1:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.

The best part? It’s all free!

Lady B: “There’s something very special and unique about an afternoon tea, and I really wanted to share that here. It’s my gift to South Florida.”

But that’s not the only present you’ll get at Her Royal Household.

Because Lady B is like the gift that keeps on giving.

She’s giving away a free saucer tea set candle when you make a purchase in the store Friday.

And this place is a wonderland for all who come in.

Customer: “I think it’s totally different. I really like it. There’s A.C., there’s wonderful food and the company couldn’t be better.”

Cheers to that!


Her Royal Household
9513 Harding Ave.
Surfside, FL 33154
(786) 474-8706

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