Hemsworth, Thompson talk onscreen chemistry ahead of new ‘MIB’ sequel’s release

The world is under attack by shape-shifting aliens. Good thing the Men in Black are still around. The fourth movie in the franchise features new characters in a different part of the world. Deco was abducted by aliens and dropped off in London to talk to the stars.

Chris Hemsworth (as Agent H): “The world’s not gonna save itself.”

Tessa Thompson (as Agent M): “I’m driving. That … really should be here.”

Chris Hemsworth (as Agent H): “Ahh, not in this country.”

“Men in Black: International” introduces us to a new segment of the alien policing organization, starring Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth as Agents M and H.

Chris Hemsworth (as Agent H): “Time for lunch, I think. Are you hungry?”

Tessa Thompson (as Agent M): “It’s 9:30.”

Chris Hemsworth (as Agent H): “Perfect. Tuesday’s Taco Day.”

M and H make for a great team — as do Tessa and Chris, who’ve now been in three movies together thanks to this, “Avengers: Endgame” and “Thor: Ragnarok.”

Chris Hemsworth (as Agent H): “OK. OK. Good, great. Great.

They say their chemistry is all about trust and having a sense of humor.

Chris Hemsworth: “That’s why I love acting — just having a good time, and working with Tessa, as always. For me, that’s the most memorable part. We just have a laugh.”

While Chris’ character is a longtime MIB agent, Tessa is a rookie recruit. She’s wanted a job there since she was a kid, so we asked Tessa what she wanted to be growing up.

Tessa Thompson: “A cultural anthropologist or a lawyer or a teacher or a dancer. I still think about being other things all the time. (to Chris) What did you wanna be?

Can we just say it was very cool to see Tessa and Chris genuinely want to learn more about each other during our interview?

Chris Hemsworth: “I would watch movies, like “Lord of the Rings” in particular, watching and not wanting to be an actor, but wanting to be an elf or a hobbit.”

Tessa Thompson: “You are way too tall.”

Chris Hemsworth: “I would be a tall hobbit.”

Here ya go: elf Hemsworth.

Chris Hemsworth (as Agent H): “I haven’t seen that before.”

MIB’s handy memory-erasing tool, the neuralizer, is back in this movie. Chris apparently could definitely use one in real life.

Chris Hemsworth (on “Dancing with the Stars”) “Something inside me just takes over, and I lose it across the floor.”

Wow. He was on Australia’s Dancing with the Stars in 2006.

Chris Hemsworth: “I’ve said it in literally like 20 interviews, and I’m like, ‘Why do I keep saying it?!'”

Tessa Thompson: “It’s gonna be trending.”

Tessa says she’d wanna neuralize bad performances.

Chris Hemsworth: “I disagree. I don’t think you’ve had any bad performances.”


“Men in Black: International” invades theaters on Friday, June 14.

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