Sharpen those knives, people! A new season of “Hell’s Kitchen” is heating things up, and all the red hot drama is coming from a brand new location. Deco’s got a sneak peek at the season premiere.

Gordon Ramsay: “Las Vegas is one of the culinary capitals of the world. Now, all of you are about to cook for your lives.”

It’s a real pressure cooker on season 19 of “Hell’s Kitchen.”

Chef Gordon Ramsay is rolling the dice and taking the hit culinary competition to Sin City.

Gordon Ramsay: “Everything in Vegas is a gamble.”

Chef Christina Wilson: “When you’re sat on the most globally recognized two mile stretch of road in the world on the Las Vegas Strip, and you have five Gordon Ramsay restaurants partnered with an amazing partner in Caesars Entertainment, some of the best real estate on the on the Vegas Strip, there is definitely a different layer of pressure that the other seasons wouldn’t have felt.”

Christina Wilson: “Get your buckets and let’s go.”

Sixteen aspiring chefs are cooking up a storm, as they compete to become the head chef at Hell’s Kitchen in Lake Tahoe.

Gordon Ramsay: “That’s disgusting.”

Season 10 winner Chef Christina Wilson is the red team’s sous chef.

Christina Wilson: “We do get to have have great insight on what that next wave of talent actually looks like coming through, and they’re put up against a very unique type of pressure when you’re going through ‘Hell’s Kitchen,’ so you really see the full color palette of what somebody has to offer.”

Wilson’s win started with a gig at Gordon Ramsay steak in Las Vegas.

It led to a career mentorship she says has been the experience of a lifetime.

Christina Wilson: “I just went in, I worked my butt off and took advantage of every opportunity that he gave me, and he continues to push me to do more and do better, and it’s been an amazing match for me. It’s not for everybody, but for me, this is the result of just chasing a small dream that I had.”

Gordon Ramsay: “Enough’s enough.”

Contestant: “This is a lot harder than I thought it was gonna be.”

“Hell’s Kitchen” Season 19 premieres right here on 7 after Deco.

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