‘Hellboy’ star David Harbour touts bloodier, gorier reimagining

Chris walked through hellfire and brimstone to get his latest interview — and by that we mean he drove on I-95 for a few miles. Things got heated when he talked to the star of the new “Hellboy” movie.

You know the phrase “give ’em hell?” Well, that’s exactly what’s happening at the movies this weekend.

“Hellboy hit theaters Friday, and we chatted with Hellboy himself, David Harbour, here in Miami.

Laila Morse (as Gatekeeper): “Oh, hey. I’ll need some ID, love.”

David Harbour (as Hellboy): “Um, are you serious?”

Hellboy is back! This time around, David Harbour plays the half-demon superhero.

We sat down with him at the Faena Hotel on Miami Beach.

Chris Van Vliet: “I understand this is your first time in Miami.”

David Harbour: “That is correct.”

Chris Van Vliet: “So are you going to have some time to enjoy this?”

David Harbour: “Not much, but I want to. It’s really beautiful — the beaches and the weather and stuff. Let’s just go.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Let’s do it. All right.” (laughs)

Ian McShane (as Professor Broom): “You are mankind’s best and only hope.”

This is the third Hellboy movie, but it serves as a standalone, completely separate from the others.

David Harbour: “The idea was to reimagine it, do something different. Make it a real horror film, make it really brutal and like bloody and gory.”

In this movie, Hellboy has to battle an undead sorceress, played by Milla Jovovich, who is trying to destroy the world.

Chris Van Vliet: “What is the word that best describes after you have all of the prosthetics and everything on?”

David Harbour: “I feel badass. There’s something that’s so powerful to have that stuff on.”

Man at dinner: “Does it do anything special?”

David Harbour (as Hellboy): “Yeah, it smashes things real good.”

Chris Van Vliet: “How about after it’s all taken off? About hours and hours of makeup?”

David Harbour: ‘The sweat accumulates, and there’s nowhere for it to go, and it gets very moist all over your body. You actually start to get — even though you’re so hot — you start to get chilled, and when they peel it off, the smell of that suit…”

Chris Van Vliet: “Oh. Uh-huh, uh-huh.”

David Harbour: “It’s not something you want to experience.”

“Hellboy” is in theaters now — and what kind of smell do you think he’s talking about when that suit comes off? I’m sure it can’t be any worse than how my fridge smelled last week after I forgot to throw out some old salmon. (Sorry, guys.)

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