Heighten your taste buds at Cafe Prima Pasta’s blindfolded dinner

So, do you like it with the lights on or off? I mean, eating. Well, I’m a lights on person. I like to see what’s in front of me, but one Miami Beach restaurant is promising a flavor explosion in the dark, and if that’s not a cue for Alex Miranda, I don’t know what is.

Girls, they’re blindfolding you for an entire four-course Italian meal, but they never told me when to take the blindfold off.

Are you into blindfolds?

Alex Miranda: “All right, is that perfect? It’s great. Let’s do this.”

At Cafe Prima Pasta on Miami Beach…

Mariana Mango, Cafe Prima Pasta: “The ambiance is perfect. The food is amazing. The service is great.”

You can now dine in the dark. (What did you think we were talking about?)

Susana Lopez, guest: “I’ve always wanted to be blindfolded, but for dining in the dark.”))

Next Tuesday, the popular Italian restaurant is going to host a four-course meal, for only *four* of your senses.

Mariana Mango: “I don’t think it’s going to be scary; i think it’s going to be different!”

After all, when you lose one sense…

Mariana Mango: “It heightens the other one, so you’re going to feel like a flavor explosion.”

There’s a complimentary glass of champagne to loosen you up. Then, the adventure begins.

Mariana Mango: “We will start with calamari fritti or zucci fritti in case you are a vegetarian.”

And by adventure, I mean…

Alex Miranda: “Is this new? I don’t even know!”

The second course is…

Mariana Mango: “A pasta filled with cheese and pear that comes with a creamy truffle sauce with prosciutto.”

And, there are some complications.

Michelle Gutierrez, guest: “It was definitely an experience. Sometimes, you lift the fork up to your mouth, and it was completely empty.”

Same, girl, same.

Alex Miranda: “OK, I feel like I got something. No! It just fell!”

But it’s all a part of the fun!

Alex Miranda: “That was worth the wait. This plate is phenomenal.”

I need a minute.

Mariana Mango: “For the third course we will have the ancelotti with the chow sauce.”

Or, you can have their special fish over…

Alex Miranda: “Is that rice?”

No. It’s risotto.

Ashlyn White, guest: “Not having this sense made me smell everything more, I would say, so when everything was coming, I was more excited.”

Like, for dessert!

Mariana Mango: “Chocolate mousse, tiramisu or creme brulee.”

Dinner is $60.

Michelle Gutierrez: “Not being able to see the food really made me savor every bite.”

They have a 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. seating.

Susana Lopez: “It was awesome.”

Just make sure to make a reservation. Oh, and they provide the blindfolds.

Mariana Mango: “It’s going to be playful and fun. That’s the idea.”

By the way, those blindfolds are brand new every time, and you can take them home.

The event is coming up on the 30th.


Cafe Prima Pasta
414 71st St.
Miami Beach, FL 33141

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