Heal your body, mind & soul at Soul Tavern

When it comes to eating and drinking healthy, you think of salads and fresh juice … until now. There’s a spot where the food is delish and the drinks are healing from the inside out. Instead of running to the medicine cabinet — run to this South Beach hot spot.

Soul Tavern wants to fill up your mind, body and soul.

Jason Gordon: “Soul Tavern is a plant based gastropub here in Sunset Harbor, Miami Beach.”

From the mushroom ceviche, to the gnocchi — everything is vegetarian.

Jason Gordon: “Everything on the menu can also be made vegan, where those things that have egg and dairy or honey can be removed.”

Here, you can get good grub or grab a boozy drink. But, you can also go to the bar and get a drink that will cure what ails you.

Jason Gordon: “We have a line of Chinese herbal elixirs, 37 in total.”

The elixirs are a mixture of organic Chinese herbs that you can drink up as a hot tea, or mixed with cold sparkling water.

Jason Gordon: “They are meant to speak to the body, mind and spirit and address something that might be going on on any given day. For example a backache or tight shoulders.”

The elixir menu is broken down into categories, so you can order a drink specific to what you want to focus on.

Jason Gordon: “The name says it all. Formula is very easy to order, very easy to interact.”

If you’ve got a hangover, the Hangover Helper is for you, or go for the Sea of Z if you need help sleeping.

Jason Gordon: “The Lower Back Massage is like a lower back massage.”

There are also elixirs based on traditional Chinese medicine’s five elements.

Jason Gordon: ” An elixir’s meant to nourish. An elixir’s meant to pacify each of the five elements — fire, earth, metal, water and wood.”

You don’t need a medicine man to help you out– the menu has a chart with all the deets.

Jason Gordon: “People can identify if those characteristics are in or out of balance for themselves, and people can order off the menu based on that.”

The elixirs at Soul Tavern cost $7 a pop.

They say not to take more than three a day so your body heals one thing at a time.

Jason Gordon: “There’s different flavor profiles. It is an acquired taste, but most people, given a chance, really love them.”

Soul Tavern
1801 West Avenue,
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(305) 925-0799

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