Head to Nitro Galactic for out-of-this-world ice cream

Strap in for this next story. We’re taking a trip into outer space. And did you know that in space, they have endless amounts of ice cream? It’s true. Your portal to this part of the universe begins in Pembroke Pines.

Adrian Curbelo, managing member: “Nitro Galactic is an ice cream experience that’s out of this world.”

Out of this world, and in a spaceship.

Nitro Galactic in Pembroke Pines is a nitrogen ice cream shop that got its inspiration the way any sci-fi fan would: from “Star Wars.”

Adrian Curbelo: “We thought, ‘What comes to mind when you see the smoke, when you see the big show of creating the ice cream?’ I immediately thought of Darth Vader entering Princess Leia’s spaceship.”

Everything in the place has a space theme. From the observation deck…

Adrian Curbelo: “You kind of get the feeling that you’re in the cockpit of this ship.”

…to the “loading bay” seating area, which has been overrun by smugglers who have graffitied the walls with sci-fi references.

Adrian Curbelo: “It’s kind of something for sci-fi fans to look back there and say, ‘Oh, I remember that one. That’s from ‘Star Wars’ or, ‘That’s the one from ‘Star Trek.'”

Even the bathroom walls are decked out.

And sometimes on weekends, you get to experience a trip into hyperspace.

And Nitro Galactic puts a creative spin on the names of its menu items.

A couple best-sellers include the Solar Flare Cheesecake…

Adrian Curbelo: “That’s a gourmet ice cream that’s made to taste and feel like a cheesecake. Fresh strawberries and a gourmet strawberry sauce.”

And the Cookies and Cream Crater, featuring cookie crater pieces.

Adrian Curbelo: “We put that in the ice cream to show sort of a crater being created in the ice cream, like it’s being hit by a meteor.”

But even in a unique spot like this, customers are also happy sticking with their own go-to flavors.

Celine Sierra, customer: “I got the frozen yogurt and strawberries. I love the ice cream here. It’s really gourmet-flavored and doesn’t taste icy like other places. It’s really creamy.”

Stephanie Mulligan, customer: “I got peanut butter and vanilla with some caramel and chocolate chips. The texture is so soft and smooth. It’s delicious.”


Nitro Galactic
154 S Flamingo Rd.
Pembroke Pines, FL 33027
(954) 589-1398

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