It turns out the heartland of America is right here in South Florida. A new restaurant is dishing out fiery food and good music.

But it’s the atmosphere that makes all the difference because you can enjoy your socially distanced dinner in your own little oasis.

Home is where the heartland is.

You’ll find HeartLand tucked away in this park area near Little Haiti. It’s a little slice of Americana.

Benjamin Faure, owner: “It’s not overly fancy. It’s comfortable, it brings you back to the simple pleasures. It’s a mix of traditional, good food, simple, and live music.”

HeartLand is fully outdoors, spread out underneath really beautiful old trees. That’s not ageist of us, is it?

Benjamin Faure: “We try to make it different from anything else that exists in Miami. I think the trees do a lot of the heavy lifting. For one night you have your own little garden, you have your own little space.”

Jordan Mermell, customer: “I like how safe it feels. There’s good distance, and also there’s live music, which you can’t beat. It’s a great place to be.”

Check out how HeartLand makes your food, using an Argentinian grill.

Benjamin Faure, owner: “It’s a very traditional cooking method from over there. Everything ends up on the fire.”

The menu is contactless, and it’s got a ton of veggies, like cabbage that sits over the fire for hours.

Jodi Darren, customer: “The cabbage is fantastic. It’s got this chargrilled outside and this great sauce on the side. I loved it.”

Let the good times roll with Heartland’s unique spin on a lobster roll.

Benjamin Faure, owner: “It’s a hot dog bun, and chef-made a sausage that’s made out of salmon, octopus and shrimp.”

Go fish! The mahi-mahi is served with spicy pineapple dressing. And meat lovers, you’re gonna wanna try the ribeye.

Jordan Mermell, customer: “The steak is delicious! On the open fire, you can taste the smokiness. It’s incredible.”

And don’t worry, HeartLand has plenty of wine too. There’s no hiding how much people already seem to be enjoying this hidden gem.

Lucy Marshall, customer: “It’s the perfect social distancing, and the food has been delicious every time.”

Jodi Darren, customer: “It’s so open. There are great lights and a great atmosphere. It’s just a really warm, friendly place.”

HeartLand is open Wednesday through Sunday, with brunch on the weekends.


382 NE 61st St.
Miami, FL 33137

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