OK, so we all know that Santa’s Enchanted Forest is moving this year from Tropical Park to Hialeah Park, but another attraction has claimed its old spot. Santa’s not invited, though, because this century-old traveling circus promises to haunt your dreams. Deco’s certified circus freak seven days a week, Alex Miranda, has the spooky story.

Ever since I visited Haunted Circus Miami, right off the Palmetto and Bird Road, scary spirits seem to be following me everywhere — and I’m not even talking about Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala.

A new traveling circus wants to…

Ringmaster: “Delve you into a world of darkness.”

Sounds fun!

Alex Miranda: [laughing with toy clown] “Oh, this guy!”

Legend has it that the Haunted Circus Miami, opening at Tropical Park this Friday, is cursed.

Character: “The key that you need is in one of these boxes. Are you brave enough to get it?”

These restless souls won’t find peace until their missing aerialist is found … in one piece.

Alex Miranda: “Isabella, I’ve been collecting clues, and I think that she was last seen here! I think you did it!”

Isabella: “Ahh! I did it?! You see all this blood? I would never kill her. She’s my best friend in the whole world.”

Character: “You did it! Get out! You get out, too!”

Alex Miranda: [running] “Let’s go, let’s go!”

Unsuspecting victims can solve the mystery between six sinister scenes.

Alex Miranda: “I mean, it’s slimy. Oh, gosh! Oh, it’s worms!”

Character: “I see you met my little friends.”

Kristina Drobach, Haunted Circus Miami: “”If there’s a group of adults, they can be a little too scary.”

Strongman: “I’m supposed to be the strongest one in the world!”

Alex Miranda: “I think I should join the circus.”

Kristina Drobach: “If there’s kids, they’re gonna be less scary.”

Jester: “Alex, find one of the things on the board. Your time starts now!”

Alex Miranda: [wearing clown mask] “Found it!”

So, keep your eyes open.

Alex Miranda: “In this tent, I’ve gotta make it to the other side of this plank without dropping all of this stuff! Ahhh!”

Clown: [laughs maniacally]

But if you thought i was gonna miss this opportunity…

Alex: [holding snake Britney-style] “I’mma slaaaaaave…”

You were dead wrong.

Alex Miranda: “I cannot control it. Imma slaaave…”

OK, back to the quest.

Kristina Drobach: “If you guys guess the name of the missing aerialist, you’re going to attend a very spooky circus show.”

With all kinds of freaky acts. Plus…

Kristina Drobach: “Petting zoo, pumpkin carving, tarot reader, and we’re going to have a lot of delicious food vendors.”

Natalia Sol, guest: “As a mom, I’m looking to do something with my family that’s outdoors and safe. I think everybody from all ages is going to enjoy it.”

Alex Miranda: “Heh, heh. What are we laughing at?”

Tickets start at $37, but there is a sale going on for kids.

Haunted Circus Miami will be open Fridays thru Sundays until Halloween.

Haunted Circus Miami

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