Harry Styles has transformed as a singer over the years, but there’s something else that’s different about him, too. Some fans feel bloody awful over how Harry sounded at a recent awards show, but through it all, they’ve kept a stiff upper lip.

Harry Styles is definitely feeling good in his own skin, and who can blame him?

The British singer is not only beloved, he’s got a bevy of fans behind him.

Buuut, while being honored at the BRIT Awards this week in London for Best British Single…

Boy George: “And the winner is, Harry Styles and ‘Watermelon Sugar.'”

Fans were baffled, not by Harry’s “Watermelon Sugar” win, but by his accent, or lack thereof.

Harry Styles: “Thank you so much.”

It seems one of England’s favorite sons sounds … American.

Harry Styles: “I just continue to be baffled by moments like this.”

Fans on social media were not having it. Twitter lit up:

  • “Harry Styles speaking with an American accent shocked me to the core.”
  • “So cringy.”
  • “Keep. Your. British. Accent.”

Harry Styles (as Alex): “Which one is your friend?”

He definitely had an accent when he starred in the 2017 movie “Dunkirk.”

Harry Styles (singing): “I want Mulberry’s.”

At the Grammy’s, too. I think. I was distracted by that green boa.

Harry Styles: “Music is the universal language, especially songs performed in English, ’cause that’s the only language that I understand.”

For sure while hosting SNL.

Harry Styles: “I wanna thank my fans for being so generous to me.”

One fan threatened, “If he starts sounding any more American, I’m taking his poster off my wall.”

Another tweeted, “Why?”

Maybe it’s because he’s dating Olivia Wilde, who directed Harry in the upcoming movie “Don’t Worry Darling,” filmed in America.

Harry Styles: “Everyone in my life who has my back, thank you.”

One thing’s for sure, Harry: you always have a home here, with or without that sexy accent.

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