The Dolphins are a real work of art — or at least their home is. Deco’s Chris Van Vliet joins us live from Hard Rock Stadium with more.

On Sunday, the Dolphins play their first home game of the season on Sunday, and there’s another first. It’s Wynwood at Hard Rock Stadium.

You’ve seen the massive changes to the stadium over the last two years, and art is just another big change.

Inspired by Wynwood Walls, this is the world’s largest indoor street art gallery and will officially be unveiled at the Dolphins home opener.

Jessica Goldman Srebnick, Goldman Global Arts: “I hope that people will walk the stadium and kind of find themselves on this artistic tour, because the stadium is really representative of what Miami is becoming and has become.”

It’s just another component of the $500 million stadium renovation.

Jeremy Walls, Chief Marketing Officer Miami Dolphins: “It’s not just a normal stadium. It’s a global entertainment destination, and it really reflects Miami in terms of the cultural influence, on music, on arts, on sports, and this is a big piece of that.”

Throughout the stadium, there’s 19 works of art from 18 different artists. Outside of sections 103 and 104, you’ll find “dripdown” from Miami-native Jen Stark.

Jen Stark, artist: “To have something so huge in my hometown is super exciting. I’m just happy to be a part of it.”

And these murals are huge, covering over 29,000 square feet.

One piece by New York street artist Crash is located on the outside of the stadium and is the largest.

Crash, street artist: “I love color, and Miami is all about color. Being Latino, it plays itself into it. I just want to pay homage to the entire state, actually.”

And then Crash invited me to add my own artistic flair.

Crash: “You can do some spray painting.”

Chris Van Vliet: “How exactly does this work?”

Crash: “You take a can of paint, you put your finger on this and you’re going to have to feel your weight with the pressure.”

Chris Van Vliet: “What if I mess up?”

Crash: “It’s only paint. I can paint over it.”

Chris Van Vliet: “That’s like a life metaphor there. It’s only paint!”

Crash: “It’s only paint!”

Yeah, Crash is seriously going to let me do this. I know, I can’t believe it either! But now I’m feeling inspired.

Chris Van Vliet: “I wanted to do something Miami-like, so I’m going to attempt to draw a palm tree.”

Crash: “There you go. You’ve done this before.”

Chris Van Vliet: “Yeah, right! This is a lot quicker than I thought.”

Color it in a little, add my initials and…

Chris Van Vliet: “Ta-da! There you go!”

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