It was a triple reveal on “The Masked Singer” as we finally found out who was behind the Russian Dolls. They hit the top of the charts way back in 1997, with a little tune called “MMMBop.”

Three singers, one big reveal, and one famous last name.

“The Masked Singer’s” Russian Dolls have been revealed as singing brothers Hanson.

Not only did they belt out their best, they did it in bulky costumes.

Isaac Hanson: “It was definitely heavy and, I mean, the sight lines were definitely complicated, and your range of motion was generally — it was complicated, but we made the most of it. We had a great time.”

Isaac Hanson: “I’ve never been that close to my brothers before, and I don’t ever want to be that close.”

Zac Hanson: “Some nice mint gum was required.”

Taylor Hanson: “It did get us thinking about a new rendition of ‘Guys and Dolls.'”

The doll disguise did help keep people guessing.

Zac Hanson: “There was never any fourth person. We did strategically move dolls around, have dancers move dolls around when the cameras weren’t looking at them.”

Though it wasn’t a secret from all audience members.

Isaac Hanson: “Most of the kids knew. I had to keep my — I had to keep my 7-year-old daughter in the dark, because that girl cannot keep a secret.”

Zac Hanson: “My kids knew, and they were into it. They thought it was cool.”

Up next for Hanson is new music and a tour!

Zac Hanson: “We have a brand new album. It’s called ‘Against the World,’ and what we’re doing is releasing it one song at a time: July, August, September, October. We’ll be doing streaming shows with limited in-person tickets, and then, in the spring of 2022, we’ll be touring around the world.”

And on “The Masked Singer,” it’s now time for the final four, next Wednesday, right here on 7.

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