Halloween looks brought to life with body paint

In Miami, most days seem like Halloween. So the last thing you want is to blend in while you’re walking around in your costume. Not to worry — this year, trade in that cape and mask for something more up close and personal.

Don’t just wear a costume this Halloween — become one with your costume.

Christina Mendicino, Body Art by Christina: “It’s not like you’re just getting a little something. You’re getting a full transformation of your character.”

Body Art by Christina does some serious body painting right in the backyard of her place in Northeast Miami.

And it’ll be all hands on deck for all Hallows’ Eve.

Christina Mendicino: “We have a fun atmosphere here. We have multiple tables set up in the garden, multiple artists at the same time.”

While the artists do their thing, your job is pretty simple: stand still!

Go from a regular earthling to a Na’vi from Avatar. Wow!

Christina Mendicino: “When the Avatar is done, it’s larger than life. They can stop traffic.”

Bethany Finear: “Ahhh! It feels amazing. I feel totally in character. I don’t think I can compare it to anything. This is the best makeup I’ve ever had done.”

Also trending this fall, something a little spookier: Gulp … Pennywise, the clown from “It.”

Christina Mendicino: “We had clowns last year. Clowns were very popular. This year, it’s a different kind of clown. Pennywise is the clown of the year for sure.”

While Avatar and Pennywise are currently in style, superheroes are always in style.

Check this out … half Peter Parker, half Spiderman.

Jaroslav Sitar: “It can help you to get into the character and play around. It feels different, and it’s fun.”

Your options are pretty boundless … from an animal or smurf to skeletons and dudes who never skip ab day at the gym.

Christina Mendicino: “They love it. They go out, they hop around all night long, they show off their body paint, and they go crazy. They send me photos for days.”

Hey, let’s check in on those creepy clown kids again before we go.

Full body painting starts at 300 bucks.

The process can take one hour or several hours, depending on the level of detail.

Body Art by Christina

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