It’s October 1st, everyone! You know what that means: Michael Myers is about to star in your nightmares … and on the big screen, because another “Halloween” movie is here. Deco’s escaped mental patient, Alex Miranda, has the scary story.

I usually don’t give spoilers, but don’t tell anyone: they haven’t killed him off yet, but I’m glad, because in “Halloween Kills,” that means more thrills, chills and spills for the rest of us.

Surprise, surprise!

Omar J. Dorsey (as Sheriff Barker): “No one told you?”

Judy Greer (as Karen): “Told me what?”

Let me guess: Michael Myers isn’t dead yet?

Omar J. Dorsey (as Sheriff Barker): “Michael Myers is alive!”

Here we go again! Laurie Strode is back, and she is not happy, in “Halloween Kills.”

Jamie Lee Curtis (as Laurie Strode): “He’s coming for me, but I’m coming for him.”

In the 2018 movie, Michael was left to literally die in a fire. No getting out of that, right?


Jamie Lee Curtis: “Michael is — escapes.”

Of course.

Jamie Lee Curtis: “Laurie is wounded, and her daughter and granddaughter have to take up the mantle, but they are met with a whole group of people from the town.”

All trying to hunt down the unstoppable killer. Imagine what he’s done to their property values.

Part the vigilante mob: many characters from the original movie, including “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star Kyle Richards.

Jamie Lee Curtis: “Forty-three years later.”

Who played little Lindsey Wallace in the 1978 film. Who knew?

Kyle Richards (as Lindsey Wallace): “Hello?”

So cute!

Jamie Lee Curtis: “It’s thrilling for the continuum of the ‘Halloween’ universe.”

Speaking of which…

Alex: “What is the scariest movie outside of the ‘Halloween’ universe that you have seen?”

Jamie Lee Curtis: “‘The Exorcist,’ which I saw when I was 15, scared the [expletive] out of me.”

So much so, she says, her friends would taunt her with this in the hallways of her high school.

Jamie Lee Curtis: “‘Dimi? Dimi, why?'”

And, if the following is not some kind of twisted poetry, we don’t know what is.

Jamie Lee Curtis: “When I got my 1972 Mercury Capri, first car, the personalized license plate on my car was DIMI. Come on! So, who knew, when I was 16 years old, that I was going to end up in horror films?”

But, ever wonder what Jamie Lee Curtis watches during Christmas?

Alex Miranda: “Are you a fan of those cheesy Hallmark christmas movies that many of us love so much?”

Jamie Lee Curtis: “I’m an ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ fan.”

And she celebrates Halloween just like the rest of us. Except…

Jamie Lee Curtis: “I answer the door as me, and there’s a Bates Motel sign, so I’m kind of covered.”

Alex Miranda: “That’s killer, that’s really killer.”

“Halloween Kills” hits theaters and the NBc streaming service Peacock Oct. 15.

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