Treats, not tricks: Halloween drinks and craft

Halloween is a haunting good time for kids of all ages. And Deco found a couple of spots that want you to have a gourd-eous and ghoulish celebration.

Time to have a spooky good time in honor of Halloween.

The Pullman Miami Airport Hotel is offering a happy hour treat — no tricks involved.

Taylor Childress, Pullman Miami Airport Hotel: “We are ramping up Halloween this year, and we have doing a Pinots, Pints and Pumpkins Happy Hour.

Typically, their happy hour is wine and beer. Now add pumpkins and fun Halloween drinks.

Taylor Childress: “We thought it would a fun, creative idea to have a good happy hour and have some adult-friendly craft while you drink some spooky drinks.”

The spooky drinks are bubbly good, and come with candy and spooky toy treats.

Taylor Childress: “Our ‘Morgue-a-rita’ is rimmed with black sugar and topped with toy spiders.”

And, with the drinks, guests get a mini pumpkin to decorate, no knives needed.

Taylor Childress: “Some of the things you can do with your pumpkin are use sheer fabric, you can spray paint. We also have glitter and googly eyes that you can glue on.”

Forget messy pumpkin guts.

Camila Duenas: “You don’t have to carve anything and get creative while having a nice drink, and I think it’s awesome to get together with your friends.”

Take control of those skeletons in your closet.

Taylor Childress: “You have your choice of creating either a ceramic pumpkin or a ceramic sugar skull.”

L. Mercado Studios in Hollywood is putting the Halloween theme into its clay hand-building classes this month.

Laura Gasper: “You can be a total beginner. That’s why we have the instructors there. We do our best to help you without overstepping into the process.”

Jordyn Good: “Every skill level, I think, can work with clay. It just takes a little bit of time and care.”

Start with a big ball of clay, then get your hands dirty by sculpting away.

Don’t worry, these won’t bite — we think.

Laura Gasper: “We put everything here into the kiln, you get it back, then you can decorate it how you want.”

The best part? You don’t have to throw away any rotten pumpkins after Halloween ends.

Laura Gasper: “One of the things that was exciting for us to do was to give you something that you could use over and over again, year after year.”

Mirela Popovici: “It’s going to be really rewarding to take this home and actually use it and show it to people.”


Pullman Miami’s Pinots, Pints and Pumpkins Happy Hour
Pullman Miami Airport Hotel
5800 Blue Lagoon Dr.
Miami, FL 33126
(305) 264-4888

L. Mercado Studios
Halloween Clay Hand-Building Classes
October 18 & 21
$39 for adults
(754) 217-4713

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