The passage of time can provide you with wisdom. It can also take away your hair. A new procedure makes you look like you’ve got a full head of lovely locks — with no pills, potions or lotions involved. Deco has all the deets.

If your hair’s thinning — or, like Elvis, has completely left the building — the New Image Beauty Bar in Coral Springs can bring back your glory days with hair simulation.

Alicia Shapira, owner of New Image Beauty Bar: “Hair simulation is a revolutionary procedure that takes the place of recreating follicles in the head.”

There’s no surgery or implants or anything like that.

Alicia Shapira: “I’m taking a permanent makeup pen, which is a digital pen where I actually use a small micro needle to create a simulation of hair follicles.”

Technically speaking, it’s like getting a tattoo, but you won’t be doing anything like this on a Saturday night after a few beers.

Alicia Shapira: “So it is considered a cosmetic tattoo, but I am a permanent makeup artist and micro-pigmentologist and I do not use tattoo needles. They use thicker, more intense needles.”

The procedure is painless. The needles vibrate while the work is done.

Earl: “The procedure seems like something I can handle, as opposed to other things I’ve seen. I’ve done a little bit of research.”

Each two-hour session costs $400. It takes between two and 10 visits to get the results you’re after.

Linda: “I definitely have high hopes for it, yeah. I won’t have to hide anymore.”

Creating the look of a full head of hair is no easy job.

Alicia Shapira: “I’m taking my permanent makeup pen and I’m actually going over that same spot multiple times to create a darker color.”

If you’ve had enough of not having enough hair, give hair simulation a shot.

Earl: “Those before-and-afters when you put the split screen, one right next to each other, there’s no denying. Yeah, it looks really good. I think it’s amazing. It’s awesome, I love it.”


New Image Beauty Bar
Phenix Salon Suites
4376 N. State Road 7, Suite #127
Coral Springs, FL 33073
(954) 774-5087

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