Hair styles for the holidays at Avant-Garde Hair Salon

A wise woman once said, “There are two things a woman wants for the holidays — a great outfit and great hair.” Wait, was it Lynn that said that? Those are wise words indeed. And this year you can have it all. Tonight, some great holiday hair ideas in tonight’s Lynner Beauty.

This holiday season, you have hair choice.

At Avant-Garde Hair Salon in Coral Gables, Arleen shows us three looks:

  • Soft and sexy
  • Daring for daughter
  • Glam all the way

Arleen Regnault: “It just gives you a change.”

For soft and sexy, section the hair and make a ponytail. Tuck it under and pin it. Create soft curls on the sides (and don’t curl all the way to the head).

Arleen Regnault: “And then just pull it back and pin it you’re done.”

Then comb it out and loosely pin hair around the pony tail.

If your daughter wants to be a little daring, part the hair on the side and take small curled sections and twirl them, pinning them into an elegant updo. (Go to the salon for this)

For you trendy girls:

Arleen Regnault: “Tossled, braids, very soft look. Kind of like undone.”

I’m going for glam all the way.

First, blow dry the hair with a lot of volume. Then wrap small pieces of hair around a wand to create loose beach waves.

Lynn Martinez: “I look like orphan Annie when I try to do this.”

Remember to keep everything loose, but full.

Lynn Martinez: “So we got it nice and beachy, and we could just wear it like this.”

Or we could holiday it up!

Arleen puts a braid on either side of the head and pins back for a soft, sexy look.

Lynn Martinez: “Oh my gosh, that’s so pretty. What do you guys think should we do? Down, or should we do up?”


Final look?

Arleen Regnault: “And to look more formal, all you gotta do is pick it up in the back. That’s it, two seconds.

Best part of holiday hair? When you take it down the next day, it still looks great!

Santa would approve.


Avant-Garde Salon and Spa
155 Miracle Mile
Miami, FL 33134

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