‘Gringo’ star David Oyelowo discusses movie, feeling like fish out of water

David Oyelowo is a gringo. It’s true — he told us. David stars in the new movie “Gringo,” which hits theaters this weekend. But before it does, the “Gringo” star shared some secrets with Deco.

Joel Edgerton (as Richard Rusk): “Tomorrow, you’re gonna fly to Mexico.”

David Oyelowo (as Harold Soyinka): “What?”

Joel Edgerton (as Richard Rusk): “We want you to deliver the weed pill formula to the lab.”

In the movie “Gringo,” David Oyelowo plays Harold, a businessman who gets kidnapped in Mexico after a deal gone wrong.

David Oyelowo: “This is someone who is out of his element to a certain degree and makes some really bad choices that leads to his bosses, the cartel and mercenaries chasing him across Mexico.”

You heard the man. Harold is one giant fish out of water in this film.

We asked David what was the closest he’s come to that feeling in real life, and he compared it to being an immigrant in a new country.

David Oyelowo: “There’s something about the immigrant experience whereby you are a fish out of water, you are trying to navigate a new environment you’re in ”

David’s character makes some questionable decisions.

And David says he’s made a few himself, like when he worked in fast food.

David Oyelowo: “I worked at a very famous fast food company — that will remain nameless — when I was a teenager, and one day I made the mistake of washing all the kitchen utensils with a toilet brush.”


David Oyelowo: “I can tell how disgusted you are, by the way.”

Guess I’m no Academy Award winner!

But back to the movie…

David Oyelowo: “We shot the film in Mexico City, Veracruz and Tulum. All very different parts of Mexico, and I had fun in every single one of those places.”

But it sounds like he didn’t pick up much Spanish.

We asked him to say anything, and this is what we got.

David Oyelowo: “I don’t want to butcher it. I have people butchering my name and my Nigerian language all day long, so I’m gonna pay respects to the language and not butcher it.”

Guess it’s safe to say he’s still very much a gringo.

David Oyelowo: “I would describe myself as a gringo!”

“Gringo” is out in theaters.

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