The ladies of "Grease: Live!" stopped by Deco to say hello and prove that they were born to hand jive, baby! The "Pink Ladies" will join the "T-Birds" this weekend for the big live show. The stars talked with Deco and told us they’ve never been a part of something this huge.

I’m not great at the hand jive" but "I got chills and they’re multiplying," because "Grease" is back! The beloved hit musical, which was made into a movie back in the 70s, is getting a major reboot thanks to FOX TV.

"Grease: Live!" has an incredible new cast that features some of the hottest young stars in Hollywood.

Actress, dancer and singer Julianne Hough plays Sandy, and Aaron Tveit plays Danny. The duo says the project is like nothing they’ve done before.

Julianne Hough: "It’s the biggest production I’ve ever been a part of."

Aaron Tveit: "Yeah, so you’re going to see it on stage, but whenever we go to commercial, everyone backstage is scrambling to get to the next set."

With 300 crew members and 44 cameras, the show will be broadcast live with a studio audience watching.

Keke Palmer plays Marty, and Carlos PenaVega, who happens to be from Miami, plays Kenicki. The pair is excited, but they’re also feeling…

Keke Palmer: "Lots of pressure."

Carlos PenaVega: "Lots of pressure!"

Keke Palmer: "But good pressure. I think pressure that’s propelled us to get to the point we are now."

Carlos PenaVega: "And the cast is so insane, that we all came in and we were so nervous about impressing each other. The pressure has been on since the beginning."
Singer Carley Rae Jepsen plays Frenchy, and Kether Donohue plays Jan. They say it’s a one-of-a-kind showbiz experience.

Carly Rae Jepsen: "We are taking all of our favorite parts from the movie, and all of our favorite parts from the musical, and doing something that hasn’t totally been done before."

Kether Donohue: "It’s a nice little hybrid of the movie, the musical and just something new."

Carly Rae Jepsen: "A combo platter."

Along with actors from the original movie and some new songs, superstar singer Jessie J will make an appearance, too.
Jessie J: "It’s a massive moment for me, and I’m very happy that I get to share it with such amazing people."
No matter how you sing it, one thing’s for sure: This Sunday, "Grease is the word!"

Get ready to hand jive, because "Grease: Live!" is happening this Sunday at 7 p.m., right here on WSVN-7.


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