‘Grace’ notes: New Tyler Perry thriller showcases star Crystal Fox

Tyler Perry is at it again, but not as Madea this time. He’s got a new Netflix movie that’ll make you think twice about who you can really trust. We trust Alex Miranda completely with this story.

Tyler Perry is writing, directing, producing and acting in “A Fall from Grace.” It’s a spine-tingling thriller that’ll make you yell a lot at your TV screen. For Deco, it was thrilling enough talking to Tyler and the cast.

Crystal Fox (as Grace): “Who are you talkin’ to?”

Mehcad Brooks (as Shannon): “Grace, I don’t like being checked up on.”

Married life, am I right? When Grace marries a charming younger man, she’s seemingly found true love again. Seemingly.

Crystal Fox: “Never give up on your instincts. Never give up on what you know.”

Ah, and see, it turns out he’s conning her.

Crystal Fox (as Grace): “Somebody got into my accounts. They got my passwords. Somebody has stolen my identity.”

Her life is being held hostage. She’s out of money. She doesn’t know who to turn to.

Huh. Sounds like the case for…

Howard Finkelstein, 7News legal expert: “Deco. Getting access without permission to money in an account that is not yours is a crime. A crime you can be arrested and sent to prison for. However, if you marry a bad person, and you put their name on all your accounts, then it’s not stealing, and they can wipe you out.”

Grace takes drastic measures, and long story short, she’s the one who ends up behind bars.

Bresha Webb (as Jasmine): “Something isn’t adding up. Grace, where was the body?”

Crystal Fox (as Grace): “There wasn’t a body.”

This is a Netflix movie, but we screened it in a theater.

Moviegoer: “Oh, no, behind you!” *audience members scream*

It’s definitely the kind of flick to watch with friends or the fam.

Tyler Perry: “I think that a group would be great, but if you wanna watch it alone, you can. You just may have to cover your eyes toward the end, but yeah.” (laughs)

Tyler’s done it all in his career, but he’s especially proud of “A Fall from Grace.” That has a lot to do with Grace herself, Crystal Fox.

Tyler Perry: “I’ve done 20 movies, and I’ve been proud of everything I’ve done, but to have someone like this, who has been in this business all these years and now getting her shot, and has a billboard with her face in Times Square, man, that makes me so proud.”

Crystal Fox: “I literally went into the ‘ugly cry’ when Tyler showed me that billboard in Times Square. I’m a theater-trained actor as well, so to have it here in New York, it’s like a dream come true. Forty years in the business. I’ve been acting 40 years.”

The movie leaves us with some important relationship lessons — like love is dead and not worth fighting for.

Just kidding, but Tyler and Crystal left us with some words to live by.

Crystal Fox: “Don’t forget who you are, and remember your worth at all times.”

Tyler Perry: “That’s it. Remember your worth. Even if you start dating someone new, remember your worth.”

How about that Help Me Howard appearance on Deco? Pretty cool, right?

“A Fall from Grace” is available on Netflix right now.

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