So-Flo is a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Caribbean islands, which is why we have some great food influenced by these “so-fish-ticated” places. And you can get a taste all in one place.

“The Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival” wants you to come for the food but stay for the fun.

Embrace your love for jerk at the 21st annual Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival.

Eddy Edwards/CEO of Jerk Fest: “Our 21st year. Yes, we are big now. We’re a legal age.”

Savoring this popular island spice is certainly not a crime.

Eddy Edwards: “Jerk is pretty much a way of cooking and a way of seasoning. We have grace jerk season. You rub that on your meat, you stick in the oven and bam, you get some jerk food. Jerk chicken is favorite. We’ve got jerk pork, jerk lobster, jerk fish.”

And the flavor overload will go down over at Miramar Regional Park Sunday, Nov. 12.

Eddy Edwards: “The Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival celebrates the food of the Caribbean, it’s a culture. Food brings us together. Over 25 food vendors with some of the tastiest Caribbean food ever you want to taste. A lot of the chefs that’s doing demonstrations and the competitions that’s happening on stage and we’ve got some cultural performances.”

Serenading you from the main stage is reggae group Morgan Heritage.

Peetah Morgan & Mojo Morgan/Morgan Heritage: “We do a lot of work here in Miami and Jamaica, and it’s a quick flight between here and Jamaica, so it’s easy for us. Being on the jerk festival this year, the greatest Jamaican Jerk Festival, is very special because our new album, ‘The Homeland,’ is about connecting with the land of our ancestors in Jamaica and Africa.”

Music might be the brothers’ specialty, but they also like to chow down.

Peetah Morgan & Mojo Morgan: “No matter how great the talent is and the entertainment, the headliner is the food. He goes escovitch fish, I go steam fish with crackers and bammy. Yeah. Being that we’re here at Donna’s, I whipped up some good steam fish, snapback.”

Doctor Fidel Goldson, SoFlo owner of Donna’s Caribbean restaurant in Fort Lauderdale, will be bringing the goods at the festival.

Dr. Fidel Goldson: “We’re showcasing some of the most popular dishes on our menu. Clearly our rice and peas but mainly our jerk chicken, our brown stew chicken and our oxtail.”

Also, bringing people back, over and over again, is “Paul Flavor’s Ice Cream.”

Fan favorites like rum raisin and grapenut will be front and center, but most importantly, jerk ice cream.

Paul Johnson/owner of Paul Flavor’s Ice Cream: “It’s more a savory taste. It’s unique. It’s not an everyday flavor. Usually at the festivals, yhe lines are usually filled with inquiring minds who want to taste.”

Admission starts at $40 dollars.

E-mail your name and phone number to giveaways and you could win.

The Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival

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