Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival gears up to ‘tek ova’ Miramar for the weekend

Better rest up for the weekend because there’s a party coming. It’s time for the Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival at Miramar Regional Park. There’ll be food, music, drinks and good vibes. Everything you need to show your love for the Caribbean island they call the rock.

The annual Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival goes down this Sunday. Deco made it over to Leona’s Palace in Hollywood for a taste of things to come.

Eddy Edwards, Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival: “The Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival is a celebration of Jamaican culture, celebrating jerk, the food and the traditional way of cooking, as well as Jamaican music and everything Jamaican.”

Plan on getting to the park early. It could get a little crowded.

Eddy Edwards: “Thousands of people from all over the place come to the festival. We expect anywhere from 8,000 to 10,000 people passing through for the whole day.”

More than 20 food vendors will be working to please you. It’s like taking your taste buds to heaven.

Eddy Edwards: “This is the biggest Caribbean food festival in the USA, and I mean, we celebrate Jamaica and the whole Caribbean, you know.”

Customer: “I’m looking forward to the festival for the great food.”

One of the culinary wizards who’ll be whipping up wonders can’t wait to get started.

Chef Irie: “Chef Irie hahaha. I have to be a part of this because there’s nothing like it here in South Florida. We’re the original, you know. We’re the first.”

Chef gave us a preview of the delicacies he’ll be delivering at the festival.

Chef Irie: “Jerk snapper seared, and we made soro chutney buniato mash, and we serve that over a coconut vegetable cream sauce.”

Meat lovers, you haven’t been forgotten.

Chef Irie: “The other dish is curried roast pork with curried garbanzo beans and some more of the chutney mash.”

You can’t celebrate Jamaica without music. Legendary band Third World is headlining. They’ve got very personal reasons for playing.

A.J. Brown & Richie Daley: “Because we love jerk hahaha. Yeah, we just love to be jerks hahaha. No, no, no. We love to entertain people. There’s so much that’s going to be there that people always come out. There’s always something new.”


Grace Jamaican Jerk Festival South Florida
6151 Miramar Parkway, #119
Miramar, FL 33023

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