“Masterchef” season 13 brought all the ingredients for an exciting season and now it’s time for the finale.

Chef Gordon Ramsay promises some culinary magic. But before we see who gets crowned the best at this cooking clash, the judges are sharing the “Masterchef” 13 journey

The sizzling showdown on the “Masterchef” 13 finale is about to go down and Chef Gordon Ramsay is dishing out the ultimate recipe for success.

Gordan Ramsay: “Step one to the finale three course meal, for me is about personality, the restaurants that are built with success through personality is atmosphere and their DNA, and so this is really important for them to make sure they really put themselves on a plate. Don’t go too fancy to begin with and build that momentum, great tasting appetizer, lock it in with the entree, and then give us that once in a lifetime dessert that really keeps us talking for months on end.”

And the competitors better bring their a game if they want to impress the judges.

Joe Bastianich: “It’s fundamental. To get to the finale, you have to have evolution. You have to evolve as a cook, you have to listen to us, and we’re only going to make you better, right? So we want to see the arc of the journey.”

Aaron Sanchez: “It has to be spectacular and it has to be worthy of the “Masterchef” brand. It has to look like something that really, that you never thought could be achievable.”

Now, it’s not just about the contestants; it’s a monumental moment for the judges too.

Gordon Ramsay: “I take this thing incredibly serious and you see this transformation from these young incredible amateurs and then through the trials and tribulations of “Masterchef” and all those challenges, four months later they turn into pros. I’m a very firm mentor. I give a lot, I expect a lot, and so it’s quite an emotional journey for me to see them being crowned.”

You can catch the “Masterchef United Tastes of America” season finale right here on FOX Wednesday night after Deco.

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