Cooking shows, they’re all kind of the same.

Cook a meal, fail miserably and get yelled at by the judges.

But a new cooking competition is taking it to the next level with “Next Level Chef.”

Gordon Ramsey is introducing a new format full of highs and lows.

Here’s a preview of the new series.

Chef Gordon Ramsey is cooking up another addition to the Fox TV menu with “Next Level Chef.”

Three floors with three different kitchens, one platform of ingredients and one big showcase of talent.

Gordon Ramsay: “Amateur chefs, professional chefs and social media chefs put into one arena, and then we split that team into three individual teams. Nyesha will mentor one, I’ll mentor one and Rich will mentor one, and then, we pit against each other, and we have to stay out of that basement, and then the secret is to climb from the basement to the middle to the top floor.”

Nyesha Arrington: “I’m looking for, ultimately, someone who’s bringing their authenticity and also someone who’s coachable.”

Richard Blais: “I’m looking for a chef that has some natural instincts and also enthusiasm, enthusiasm over experience all day long.”

Gordon Ramsay: “Someone who can take advice. I don’t need anyone delicate, dainty and doesn’t want to be, sort of, put in their place.” 

Ramsay says, on this show less can be more.

Gordon Ramsay: “If you can come up with a great dish, with minimal ingredients and cook your way to the top, man, you’ve got my badge of honor.”

It’s also about racing the clock to finish a dish.

That means extra helpings of tension and delicious drama!

Gordon Ramsay: “When that platform comes down to that kitchen, you’ve got two minutes to finish that dish. One second over that, it’s gone, so we’ve had tears, tantrums. We’ve had food that hasn’t made it back onto the platform. That’s frustrating.”

The winner goes home with $250,000 and the “Next Level Chef” title.

Catch “Next Level Chef” right here on 7.

The series premieres Jan. 2 then moves to it’s regular time slot Jan. 5.

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