God’s Not Dead 2

Melissa Joan Hart is fighting a holy war. Her faith is being tested in the new drama "God’s Not Dead 2." She’s defending her beliefs against a system that doesn’t necessarily have any room, and apparently little tolerance, for religion.

Melissa Joan Hart has a choice in "God’s Not Dead 2."  She can keep the faith, or she can lose her job.

The junior high teacher could get fired for quoting the Bible in class.
Melissa Joan Hart: "She pretty much almost immediately gets reprimanded by Principal Kinney and thrown into court and made to defend her right to say the name of Jesus and even talk about him."

For Robin Givens, playing the role of Principal Kinney was a little rough.

Robin Givens: "For me it’s a little bit hard, because my faith is so important to me, and I’m there reprimanding Grace for mentioning Jesus in the classroom."

But Melissa says the part of Grace was made for her.

Melissa Joan Hart: "I, for one, grew up a Christian girl, and I’ve been going to church pretty much my whole life, so being a part of this film, you want first and foremost to make a good movie."

And she feels that faith based stories like this are what America needs right now.

Melissa Joan Hart: "I think people are thirsting for good, heartwarming stories that tell a story that maybe they relate to, you know, as opposed to big superheroes flying around, punching each other in the sky."

Plus, Robin says it has a great message.

Robin Givens: "You’ll walk away feeling good. There’s just a certain sense of satisfaction that they’ll leave with."