What’s more fun than hanging around dinosaurs? Not a bunch of guys playing Grateful Dead songs.

We’re talking about the former rulers of the planet. A new exhibit lets you get up close and personal to the big boys.

Run for your lives! Dinosaurs are on the loose in Fort Lauderdale.

No, they’re not. The prehistoric playthings are on display in “Expedition: Dinosaur!” at the Museum of Discovery and Science.

Joe Cox: “Our newest, most exciting exhibit yet.”

Everywhere you turn, something cool is going on.

Joe Cox: “We’ve got life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, big immersive experiences, lots of digital interactives, and as you can hear, it’s a lot of fun.”

These legendary reptiles have an “it” factor that’s hard to define.

We never get tired of them, and that’s the reason for the exhibition.

Joe Cox: “Every year, dinosaurs get older and they become that much more fascinating, and what this exhibit does is, it really explores kind of why dinosaurs have had such an impact.”

The animatronics are state of the art. These dinos have all the right moves.

Joe Cox: “They come to life as you approach them, and it really is something very, very special.”

Besides the visual kicks included in the exhibit, everybody gets to learn a lot in a really fun way, especially the kids.

Sero: “I think this is a cool place for kids to engage with all the items that we have, like, learn about dinosaurs.”

Feel like creating your very own stegosaurus? You can, with this amazing machine.

Joe Cox: “A sketch and release dinosaur. So you can actually design your own dinosaur and then create a 3D digital model of it, either with crayons or on your phone, so it really is something new and exciting.”

Exhibition: Dinosaur runs through the summer. You shouldn’t miss it.

If you don’t believe us, take the word of a very satisfied customer.

Chauncey: “It’s cool because it has flying bugs, and you can make a paper airplane, and you can move a dinosaur’s neck, and you can dig with sand and everything else.”

Museum of Discovery and Science
401 SW 2nd St.
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312

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