Glass & Vine

Some people take food into a park for a lovely South Florida day. Now there is a restaurant that wants you to come to the park — and they will provide the food. Time to raise a glass to Glass & Vine.

Time to grab a bite to eat in Coconut Grove… and I mean in the middle of the Grove. Welcome to Glass & Vine.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: "I think what is really unique about Glass & Vine is really its setting. There aren’t too many restaurants, at least in Miami that have such a beautiful location."

Glass & Vine has parked it inside Peacock Park.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: "We have a beautiful communal table and if you want to sit outside, you can can sit in the park."

And, the food is as wonderful as the view.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: "We’ve got the garden section, the land section and the sea section."

The meals are meant to be shared.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: "Instead of coming here and thinking, ‘I am going to have two dishes,’ ‘I’m going to have an app and an entree,’ you get to try a little bit of this and by the end of the meal you end of trying eight or nine, 10 different things."

At Glass & Vine — vegetables are the star of the plate.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: "We’ve got cauliflower and dried black olives and mint Tahini… and we take chick peas and crisp them so its textural and fun. We have a whole roasted broccoli which could really be a dinner. It’s a whole head of broccoli finished with miso and bonito."
For the sea section, they thought about the fact that everything from the shrimp toast, to the fish tar tar would be eaten outside.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: "Ceviche sitting outdoor for 10 minutes can start getting gnarly. So we take the leche de tiger and we freeze it with liquid nitrogen. If it sits out for 10-15 minutes, it ends up being like a traditional ceviche, as opposed to overcooking per se."

And land lovers will rejoice in this section.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: "We do a whole roasted chicken in the oven and what is my favorite part is we cook raw, bitter lettuce under the chicken."
From magic shell with olive oil — to the frozen blue cheese– Glass & Vine’s desserts are sweet.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: "As you are chewing the frozen blue cheese, it starts to melt and it’s a really, really cool experience."
And you’ll toast a good meal with a good drink.

The Yellow Submarine mixes apple juice, OJ and tequila — and the Catcher and the Rye is smoking.

Giorgio Rapicavoli: "The bartenders take cedar wood and they burn cinnamon. It smokes and it gets this beautiful perfume of smoked cinnamon inside the glass."

Andrew Parker: "I think it’s incredible. I think it’s interesting aspects of merging a park with a restaurant and have some good food."

Looks like Glass & Vine is hitting it out of the park… by being in the park.


Glass & Vine
2820 McFarlane Rd.
Coconut Grove, FL 33133
(305) 200-5268

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