M. Night Shyamalan may have outdone himself, and that guy makes really strange movies. Now he’s combining two of his most popular films into one big, star-studded finale. Samuel L. Jackson, Bruce Willis and James McAvoy are all coming together to duke it out in “Glass.”

Never before has there been such an ambitious crossover movie event. Well, not since “Avengers: Infinity War” last year — but like, that was such a long time ago.

Sarah Paulson (as Dr. Ellie Staple): “It’s amazing to meet you. It is simply extraordinary.”

The final chapter of Shyamalan’s trilogy, 19 years in the making, has finally arrived. “Glass” is the culmination of his 2000 film “Unbreakable” and his 2016 movie “Split.”

Samuel L. Jackson (as Elijah Price/Mr. Glass): “I need your abilities to get us all out of here and show the world we exist.”

Samuel L. Jackson is Mr. Glass. He’s an evil genius who teams up with James McAvoy, a man with creepy superhuman abilities.

Once they break out of a psychiatric facility, only Bruce Willis’ character, David Dunn, can stop them.

Sarah Paulson (as Dr. Ellie Staple): “You think you have superpowers.”

Bruce Willis (as David Dunn): “It’s a feeling, a vision. I have to touch them.”

How we got to this point is definitely weird and complicated, even for the guy who made all these movies.

M. Night Shyamalan: “It was really different for me to kind of bring characters from two different movies that I had invented earlier and then create a third version. It was a strange venture, for sure.”

A strange venture that Sam Jackson hopes is worth it.

Samuel L. Jackson: “It’ll give an audience that’s followed the other two stories a sense of closure, hopefully, for what they’ve been anticipating.”

So, we should probably mention that McAvoy’s character is more like 24 characters.

James McAvoy (as Kevin Wendell Crumb): “I’m Mary Reynolds … Por favor, señora … We almost got you, bro!”

He has multiple personality disorder, and one of those personalities is the superhuman one: The Beast.

James McAvoy: “What becomes specifically tricky about playing many characters is when you have to transition from into the other on camera, in front of the audience.”

You won’t be seeing capes or tricked-out gadgets in “Glass.” This is a very different brand of superhero flick.

James McAvoy: “If you’re gonna keep having superheroes on screen, you’ve gotta put them in different environments and situations. This film certainly does that.”

M. Night Shyamalan: “Hopefully one of its great assets is this sense redefining what a villain is and what a hero is, and feeling that we could be either of those things as a person.”

“Glass” shatters into theaters this weekend.

I’ve been thinking about it. You know what my superpower would be? The ability to eat as much pizza as I want without gaining weight — or getting a check.

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