With Oscar night just a few days away, the stars have a team of people working on them right now to help them look fabulous, because it takes a village. Now you, too, can have have your own beauty team to get your glam on for Oscar night or any night, and you don’t even have to get in your car.

Secret weapons in your beauty black book: The Glam Squad. And now they come to you: experts in hair, eyelashes and skin.

Kelly Saks: “I’m out all the time, whether I’m getting my hair done, my nails done or going to see my dermatologist. It’s a lot of places to be, and with my busy schedule, it would be nice to have some of the services come to me.”

Kelly Saks is using the squad to get ready for a special event.

Kelly Saks: “Aside from being a business owner, I’m a wife, I’m a sister, I’m a daughter. I have a very busy life, so having the luxury of them coming to me, it’s a lifesaver.”

If it’s hair you need, True Hair Miami can put in hair extensions for $600, creating a nice, full look in less than an hour.

Lynn Martinez: “And this is real hair. Niiiiice.”

Ellie Menocol, True Hair Miami: “The placement is very easy, like 30, 45 minutes, I put them on. I trim it, I curl it, and you’re out the door.”

Dr. Christopher O’Connell: “Definitely need a little Botox here to lift your brow. Frown for me. It’s something anybody could benefit from.”

For smoother skin, Dr. Christopher O’Connell has the magic hands.

Dr. Christopher O’Connell: “You could definitely do a nice treatment, a peel, mild, mild laser treatment that’s some smaller lasers that are portable, like the Permea or the Clear and Brilliant.”

Kelly’s going for a little Botox and says the at-home treatment is worth the few hundred extra bucks.

Masha: “First of all, it’s convenient for the client, because they save time.”

For an instant wow, eyelash extensions by Masha.

Masha: “I’m fluent in all different techniques of eyelash application.”

Like the classic look, or something called Russian volume. A full set is $350.

If you’ve got a few days before your event, brighten your face with micro-needling.

Rachel Loren, Micro Me Miami: “Micro-needling tends to get a bad rap because of the word ‘needling.'”

Kelly says it’s doesn’t hurt, and $200 and eight hours later, her face will be tighter and more glowy.

Rachel Loren: “So it’s like you’re naturally getting firmer, tighter skin without having to inject anything artificial.”

And ta-da!

So, get your glam on, and let the beauty team come to you.


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