Glam Shoes for the Glam-A-THON Strut

You can get your mammogram — but there are other ways to fight breast cancer, like wearing amazingly fabulous shoes! Every year at this time, Lynn helps lead the Glam-A-THON Strut.

Some get in shape by stretching and strutting. I … go shopping.

It happens every time … shoes bring women joy!

Lynn Martinez: “We’re just so connected already!”

I’m on the hunt at The Griffin Boutique in Coconut Grove with famed style Elysze Held.

To help me find the perfect shoe for the annual Breast Cancer Walk in Fort Lauderdale, called The Strut, where everyone wears a great shoe.

Lynn Martinez: “Every year Elysze helps me pick out a great shoe, and since you really know me, what do you recommend?”

Elysze Held, stylist: “What I always pick for you is something sexy, high, fits you and is easy to walk in.”

Top trends this fall — anything that stands out.

Elysze Held: “There are exquisite embellishments this year in shoes. High heels, sandals, exquisite, bejeweled, rhinestones, balls, pom poms.”

And since it’s fall — we got boots!

Elysze Held: “I love that the boots are getting shorter, and they’re velvet — and they’re chunkier.”

All right, let’s pick out the top choices.

Elysze Held: “This is my first fav. Disco fever, stacked heel.”

A 70s throwback, work of art and comfortable!

Second option?

Lynn Martinez: “I saw this!”

Elysze Held: “Isn’t that great?”

Lynn Martinez: “The color, it’s an equsitue embellishment.”

A bow, rhinstones, silk — all in one shoe.

But then there’s this:

Elysze Held: “Simple and elegant.”

Lynn Martinez: “Oh, I saw this also in black.”

Metallic open toe mule.

I like it, but it may blend in too much with my creamy skin.

Lynn Martinez: “So you like this boot?”

Lesley Griffith, owner: “I love it.”

The owner of The Griffin says this fall — go for different.

Lesley Griffith: “I kinda like the idea of white. It’s so fresh. Everyone is so comfortable wearing black, it’s nice to have a little brightness on your foot.”

So here are the choices:

Velvet strappy number with pearls, the party-on-your-feet shoe or these little babies…

What do you think?

I may just have to walk in all of them.

Heel up and strut your stuff with me this Saturday at Esplanade Park in downtown Fort Lauderdale. We step off at 1 p.m.


Glam-A-THON Strut

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